Chapter 26- Zingy Burger

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 Just then there was a thud sound and the black-masked man fell to the ground.  Sikha was already in shock but could breathe again when she saw Manav standing with an iron rod in hand.

“ Don’t worry he is not dead. Itni zor se nahi mara maine.( I did not hit him that hard)”

“ Manav !!  Thank God for reaching in time !! But No…. don’t. Just do not! Call up the Police, now !!” Sikha called out when  Manav was about to unmask the face.

 It is him! It is bloody him. Just call the Police, He is dangerous.  Manav dialed the number and informed the local police station.

“Who the hell is this idiot?” Manav crossed the lifeless body lying on the stairs as he came near a panicked  Sikha holding little Ayush in her arms.

“First chill, now I have called up the police. Let us go to the apartment first. Thank God I made a U-turn and came here. Seems this is all preplanned. How can this be happening in the broad daylight? I think he had been planning it for a long time.” Manav sounded concerned.

“ Just then they saw Deepali in front of them as she threw her pair of shoes towards them, Manav bent down and the flying pair hit the correct spot Deepali simultaneously called out  Manav, look behind!”

 The masked man had sprung back and was about to hit Sikha from Behind.

Manav sprung into action, his brawny muscles doing their magic and he kicked him hard in his crotch. He resembled a movie hero and Sikha was smitten by the sight of it.  As he unmasked him forcefully, Deepali Cried out “ Nikhil !! You !! Kameena! Tu hai? (  Rascal, so it is you?)

Just then the local police had also arrived and they took Nikhil into custody and spoke with Manav to cooperate for further investigation.


 “ Why?  Nikhil !! Your ex-colleague! How can he even think of all this Why Sikha ?” Deepali asked.

 Men and their fragile egos! I rejected to work under him. It is not just work. That creep had hit on me multiple times. I never liked his vulgar remarks and often gave them back properly. But I had thought it is just something casual office shit that I can handle. But I did not know he was spewing venom within. Well, I do not know exactly how can he stoop so low. Sikha said while drinking a glass of water.

“ You think you are Jhansi ki rani na! You can do whatever you want. Thodi der ho jati to kya hota? I feel like crushing you into a fine powder. Why do you always get on my nerves?

 Oye!! Hero! Thank you for saving me. But don’t talk to me like that. And did I seek your help? No strings attached  tha na?

“I HAD GONE OUT TO GET BREAKFAST FOR YOU AFTER OUR FIRST NIGHT! And when I came, you had vanished! Evaporated into thin air Sikha. Women can also be wrong!” Manav screamed out with anger.

Did he just say our first night‘. Sikha made calculations in her mind.

“And answer me, I had written my number on your palm when you were asleep for fun with a heart symbol. Why the hell did you never call me in all these years. How can that night mean nothing to you?”

” Wait what, the number ! Sikha never told me that! Deepali exclaimed as she was calming Ayush in her lap after the horrific scene outside.

“You did not love me. It was just sex for you! And what do mean I do not remember anything. All these years, only I know how I have longed for you. Mr. Manav, I had fallen in love with you since the moment you won my heart when you saved me that night. I was devasted standing all alone on the Highway, in my bridal wear. You saved me! I fell for you. I have been falling for you since. And only my pillow knows ,how much I have cried wishing to be a part of your life. I couldn’t date anyone all these years . I just couldn’t! I have loved you every moment Manav, even though I did not know if you will come back, But all this is my problem right?

“O’ God! I hate this woman. It was not just lust for me. I remember your eyes, your smile and the conversations that won my heart. I hate you so much. I hate you for your impatience, for your drama, for your messed up life. I hate you so much that I just can not think straight without you. No woman has since you left, has driven me this crazy.”

” What? Do you mean you like me? So, No strings attached canceled? Promise ?” Sikha asked with an innocent voice.

Manav could not resist anymore and took her into his arms, gave her a tight embrace and said, ” I promise, Sikha Mishra ! You belong to me, forever. Do you understand that? No more running away now.”

Sikha lifted her toes and reached up to Manav’s face and then kissed him tenderly. Manav tightened his grip and kissed her back, as if he had found a new lease of life!

” Muuma mummma , mere ko bhi Kisi!” Little Ayush almost danced in her mother’s lap.

The whole room was now filled with laughter. Deepali too laughed whole-heartedly even though her own world was crumbling down. She was very happy for her friend.

Sikha quietly whispered in Manav’s ears.” Mummy Papa see baat karna padega and I can not guarantee if you will be alive or dead. “

” Anything for you my Zingy Burger, Manav said and held Sikha close to his heart. “


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  1. Such a nice, happy ending 🙂


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