Chapter 20 Tease Tales

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The next day as Sikha was checking her emails at work, a message suddenly flashed on her mobile screen.

 Hello, Apsara!

And then another message appeared.

Hey, Sexy! Wanna hang out?

And then Sikha realized the blunder she had made last night.  She cursed herself for forgetting how twisted the Indian dating scene had become in the last couple of years and the reason why she had remained away from it.  It had turned into a difficult gamble and people out there just wait to take advantage of others. With time, the meaning of love had just been reduced to sex, and playing with emotions had become the most common hobby of the current generation. How could she forget all of that?

She quickly deleted all the accounts and then said a little prayer to the Almighty.

And just then there was a knock on her door.

 ‘Yeah… please come in.’

‘Hey! Did you check the Excel sheet that I sent you?” Manav enquired.

While Sikha was about to answer him,  he picked up a call on his phone and said, “Hello my dear! So how are you?  Did you eat your breakfast? See I understand but I am in the office. I will call you at lunch, I promise. Now take care. Bye!

Sikha kept looking at him with eyes wide open. She felt a lump in her heart. And then suddenly checked her phone, logged into the dating app, and replied to a message on one of the profiles.

“Yes, Manav. I just saw and I am sure you can wait for me to analyze the figures and reply to you.”

“Yeah, sure. I was just checking.” Manav said in a  low tone unsure about how to react when confronted openly.

Sikha instantly received a call on her cell phone to which she answered, “Yes, I am meeting you today in the evening and I  am just excited. Don’t be late! And tell me what I should wear for the special occasion.”

And then she scanned Manav from top to bottom before barging out of her cabin towards the pantry.

 Manav folded his fingers in rage and clenched his teeth tightly as he stood there motionless.

You are taking these tease- games too seriously, Sikha. I too shall see how far you take it !’

PS: To be continued.

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  1. oooh.. I like this teasing game
    Hope Sikha doesn’t land herself in a soup though


  2. Harshita says:

    hmm Sikha seems to be on a slipery slope!


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