Chapter 17- Shhhh! Quiet pls!

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“Why does life take abrupt turns? And why does it seem so meaningless most of the time?  Why does it seem like a mountain and why does everything seem so hard? And why does a decision that once seemed so right at one point in time, changes the course of life for the worst?” With myriad thoughts like this, Deepali just could not understand what she needed to do. Her five-year-old son, Ayush held on tight to his mom, totally clueless about the chaos that was unfolding in front of his eyes.

How she wished her mother was alive today. She wanted to be a child today, safe and protected under the arms of her parents. She called up her father after a long time unable to control her emotions.

“Hello Papa, How are you ?”

“Beta, I am not that well. I wish your mom was here today.” Your brother and his wife take care of me all the time. But I don’t want to live anymore. This sickness has made me dependent on them. I have become a hindrance, a roadblock.”Her father said in one go and the frustration in his voice made Deepali realize that probably this was not the right time to say anything about her chaotic life. She somehow managed to cut the conversation short. Talking to her brother also did not seem correct. And she could think of no one but Sikha to say what was in her heart. And the moment the call got connected, she could not stop herself anymore. She started crying like a baby.

“Hello! What happened? Why the hell are you crying?” an irritated Deepali enquired from the other side.

I can no more live with Prakash. He has lost it. Where did we go wrong? How could I not see this coming? I can not. I just can not …anymore! He is a monster!” Deepali cried out. Her voice trembling with pain.

“Sab khul ke bataegi kya ?” (Will you elaborate?) Sikha was losing her patience as she could not understand anything that made Deeplali say such harsh words to Prakash. Deepali had been a loving wife, and a devoted mother, and more than anything she loved her simple life. She did not seek adventure but stability, she got a high when her husband got promoted, and she felt elated when her son topped the class. Her family was her world, her identity, and her sole reason for survival. But Sikha was unaware of any reason that would make Sikha go to such extreme lengths.

“Prakash has turned into a maniac. Can you even imagine what he said to me? He tells me that he is about to become the APAC Region head in his office and life for the three of us will be on a higher pedestal. We will have everything we desire. Atul will have the best for his future. And when I asked him with happiness when was his promotion due, he tells me only when I want! ”

“What do you mean, his promotion will happen when you want ?”Shikha asked.

“His boss suggests a wife-swapping deal. His wife is also okay! It seems if I agree then Prakash will be promoted next month and everything goes back to normal, quietly with time. And you know what he said next? He said he wants to do this because he loves me a lot and wants to give me the best life. Ha ha ha ha” Deepali laughed like a mad woman with tears in her eyes.

 “Is this the same Prakash who you fell in love with Deepali ?”

“I do not know! I can not answer that.  He seems a stranger to me and a dangerous one.  His ambitions have put a blindfold on his eyes. He does not see any wrong with it. Can you believe it?”

“What did you do then ?” Sikha was curious.

 “ I slapped him. Yes, Sikha, I slapped him hard. Ayush saw it all. I feel broken.  I just can not live under one roof with this stranger anymore. How am I going to face Ayush, my little one if I do not stand by my principles.”

Sikha did not know how to react. She fell short of words.

“ Sikha, I need your help. Can I stay at your place till I file for my divorce? By then I shall find a job for myself and move out. But I can not give you any timeline. I do not want to go to my brother’s place. I can not let Papa see me in tears. His health will degrade. I am sorry Sikha. I have no one else but you. And I am not in my best phase. Can I come, like now?”

Sikha kept quiet. ‘Was she ready for such a big battle ahead? Was she ready to handle Deepali at this stage? A legal battle, really?  For how long? And what about finances? She still has to settle into her new job, and deal with Manav! Would it be the right thing to do?’

Sikha could not answer and cut the call.

Deepali could not believe it and she kept looking at her phone that got disconnected. Did she just fall into a dark bottomless pit and did her last hope just ditch her?

PS: To be continued.

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  1. Can understand Sikha’s dilemma. It’s difficult to blindly say yes to such a plea for help when such monumental emotional and financial help is expected


  2. Harshita says:

    Oh dear, you know that Sikha is Deepali’s only hope, but you also need to be practical. It is difficult!


  3. Deepti Menon says:

    People go through so much in life! Here Sikha is in a dilemma about allowing Deepali into her life. Totally understandable!


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