Chapter 5- Silent Ego Clashes

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The feeling of heaviness, the clumsiness within, and the melancholy lashes made Deepali feel claustrophobic. She wanted to break out. Break out free, like forever! Someone in her head shouted out loud!

Do it. Do it for yourself. It’s just the initial pain but then, it is freedom!  Break the chains, for you must!

Deepali closed her eyes. A strong resolve brewed in her head.

Just then, the phone rang!

She saw it. It rang again. But Deepali did not move a bit. She went into the other room, turned around, and locked the door. She looked up.

The ceiling fan was revolving at full speed. It was black with golden lines on the blade.

It was a wedding gift from one of her friends with a card that read “Turn it on when it gets too hot!” (with a bold emoji that winked with one eye). Deepali remembered with a smile as tears welled up in her eyes along with uneasiness in her bosom. She switched off the fan. She stood up on the bed slowly. The height seemed right.

Just then, a noise pierced her ears. The baby cried out loud! And Deepali’s stomach was as if twisted in immense pain. She could no longer hold back. She jumped off the bed, opened the door, and saw her baby’s face with heavy tears rolling down the chubby cheeks.

The phone was ringing continuously.

“I am sorry. I am extremely sorry. I won’t. I promise I won’t.” Deepali ran to cuddle her baby in her arms and the child held her back tightly. She kissed him all over his face while crying uncontrollably.” Deepali closed her eyes realizing how her fears had gripped her tightly.

 Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The knock was loud, continuous, and ferocious.

Deepali wiped her tears and opened the door. A panting Sikha stood outside the door. She stormed into the room.

“Where the hell have you thrown away the phone? I have been calling you the whole time I was coming here! Do you even realize how it feels? I can not even explain what I have gone through in these past forty-odd minutes while traveling.”

Before Deepali could answer anything, Sikha hugged her. Hugged her tightly with all her force. Deepali rested her head on her shoulders, laying there lifeless for a few minutes, which felt like an eternity.

“Pack your bags, now. You are coming to stay with me for a few days. And no more arguments. You know me !”

“ Sikha, now? I am sorry to bother you. I will manage.”

 Sikha looked on without any expression on her face. And then she went to the living room.

“Prakash! Prakash !! I am taking Deepali with me for a few days. Probably for a week or so. Wanted to inform you.” Sikha told as Prakash was typing on his laptop.

“Are you asking me or informing me?”, Prakash enquired after raising his glasses on top of his head.

“What do you think, Prakash?”, Sikha asked with a challenge set in her tone.

Prakash did not say anything and started working again.

Deepali packed herself a tiny suitcase and dumped the dresses of the baby and some essentials in her backpack.

She gave the house a final look to ensure everything was in its place. As she was about to leave the house with her friend Deepali and her baby, she turned back to see Prakash looking at her quietly.

There was an uneasy silence in the house.  The ego in the air had made it feel very uncomfortable.

Neither did Prakash say anything, nor did Deepali, though there were waves of emotions soaring high in her.

“Deepali, we are getting late. Let’s go. My car is parked just across the street!”, Shikha said holding the baby in her arms while putting on her aviators.

PS: To be continued.

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  1. Matheikal says:

    A lot of action and emotion. Good.

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  2. Harshita says:

    Oh thank god Deepali is safe…ego amongst spouses can be a death knell for the relationship


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