Chapter 11- Knock Knock

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It had been a fortnight since Sikha had quit her job. She lay on her back on her bed in her empty apartment. Suddenly she had so much time on her hands and she did not know what to do with it! While people took job hops and enjoyed going on vacation, Sikha had found solace in her work, always. Work had given her the escape route that probably no one else could probably give.

While Sikha was busy climbing the corporate ladder, she had certainly missed out on updating herself on the competitive job market. On top of that, her decision to quit so suddenly was another shock that she was still trying to come to terms with. After all, as they say, life happens when you are busy planning g other things!

 A few rejection emails had as if jolted Sikha back into reality and she had started questioning her decision of tendering the resignation letter.  She could easily join back, take her resignation letter from the drawer of the HR and throw it into pieces. Her desk and her workstation would easily welcome her and she was sure Mr. Rajat would welcome her with a grin.

She closed her eyes thinking of all possibilities and suddenly Nikhil’s face flashed in front of her eyes. Her whole body felt out of control and Sikha knew that she just could not go back.

 She refreshed the job portal site and made some phone calls to her few friends. And as she was scrolling her phone screen a notification of an email popped out which read ‘YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED.’

 With a big smile on her face, Shikha found out that she had made it to one of the largest advertising firms. She wasn’t quite sure when she was interviewed for it as this job opening was from an allied industry sector and not something where her expertise was!

The next day, a new zeal filled her heart and she dressed up in her favorite formals. The new office seemed funky and colorful, unlike her previous office where the feel was very professional. The employees seemed very comfortable in their casual wear and Sikha felt a little out of place in her crisp formal waiting in the lounge.

The initial briefing was done by HR in the main conference room and Sikha could not stop smiling. She was just happy about the change in her career and looked forward to proving herself.  Though she had no idea what was ahead still a sense of peace prevailed within her.

When Sikha was about to leave the office after the briefing, she saw someone walk past her in the lobby. She turned quickly to witness.

 Is it him? Well… what are the odds?  But the toned muscular frame, broad shoulders, and bushy hair seemed familiar to Sikha! And then he turned his face towards Sikha.

Sikha could not believe what she saw. Was it a dream or reality? Her past was as if knocking on the doors of her present life. She texted immediately about her state of mind. And her phone rang within minutes. It was Deepali.

“ You won’t believe who I saw in my new office.   Yes, I got the job in that advertising firm. But the highlight is him! Yes, it is him! What do I do now?”, Sikha said in a frantic tone.

PS: To be continued.

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  1. Who is this mystery man from the past


  2. Interesting.. someone from the past eh!


  3. Deepti Menon says:

    Your narrative is intriguing… has been so from the beginning of this challenge! Kudos!


  4. Harshita says:

    OOh blast from the past!!


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