Chapter 10- Just In Time

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Deepali looked at the wall clock. It was about 9:30 pm and Prakash had still not arrived home after his four days office tour! Lost in her thoughts, Deepali went into the room to check on Ayush who had already fallen asleep.

Just then the bell rang and Deepali realized that it was Prakash from his way of ringing the bell.

Steaming hot Chapatis and Alu Sabji were served as Prakash freshened up. With a smile, he sat down at the dining table. It was his favorite after all.

“So, how did the trip go?”

“Busy and I hardly got any time to go sightseeing. It was  very hectic.” Prakash replied.

Deepali waited for more details but there were none. Unlike earlier times when Prakash would virtually take Deepali on his trips by giving detailed information, this time it was just basic information being passed on.

Deepali did not complain but she clearly missed their little moments that had been somehow fading with time.

“You must be tired. I will clean the kitchen. Your bed is already arranged. I will be sleeping in Ayush’s room.”Deepali said as she started clearing the table after having dinner.

“I will be waiting for you.” She heard Prakash say but somehow could not look into his eyes. Silently, she kept cleaning and arranging the kitchen.

Did I hear him right? Does he really want me to be with him tonight? Or should I just ignore it? After all, it has been so long! Deepali thought to herself.

Deepali closed the door of the bedroom where Ayush was sleeping peacefully. She then hesitantly walked into the master bedroom. Prakash held her hand and led her onto the bed. She wanted to resist him, seek answers from him, and maybe just talk to him. But she could not! She let him take the lead and Prakash made love to every inch of his wife’s frame.

For a woman, love is always more than just physical intimacy. And Deepali had been feeling the disconnect even when both their bodies glided on each other! Suddenly Deepali paused and held on to Prakash. She tried looking into his eyes. Probably to find answers that her heart had been wanting to know! But Prakash did not let the moment of pause, exist for long!  Just in time, he kissed her passionately and Deepali’s mind became almost blank!

The morning sun came up with its crimson hues. Prakash had to leave early for a meeting and hence Deepali was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  She put the loaf of bread in the toaster and switched it on.

He is just busy. He is working hard for me, for Ayush, and for our future. So how can he be prince charming? You have to understand, Deepali. Give the man the space he needs. After all, he comes back to you! Did you not see it yesterday night?

A voice in Deepali’s head was screaming.

Really? Is that what you feel? Then why did his eyes seem so empty?

Another voice in Deepali’s head made the counterargument.

The bread popped up from the toaster and Deepali came back to reality.

Just then a message in her WhatsApp appeared. It was from Sikha.

You got to call me to believe what happened to me yesterday. Do call me when you get time.

PS: To be continued.

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  1. uh-oh. What happened to Sikha?
    Feel sad for Deepali 😦


  2. Deepti Menon says:

    Gosh, I have a feeling that things are going to boomerang on Deepali! Feel sorry for her! I hope I am wrong.


  3. Harshita says:

    I do hope Deepali and Prakash’s relationship doesn’t flounder. It is sad when love becomes indifferent


  4. Oh a nagging feeling that Prakash is cheating on Deepali.. hope that’s not what happens


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