Chapter 12- Lost & Found

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Sikha’s voice was almost shaking and Deepali had never seen Sikha in a panic ever before. It was always Sikha who had been making Deepali cheerful and when there was a role reversal, she had no idea what needed to be done. People who are always there for others, seem to find none when they are in desperate need of help.

“I am going to leave this job. I can’t. I just can not work here. I saw him and he punched his card. That means he is working here !”

“Sikha, will you please calm down first. I need to understand what you are saying. How can you leave the job. You just signed your joining letter with HR, right?”. Deepali demanded to know.

“I want to go to the Himalayas. I am done working. I just can stand to see his face every day.” said Sikha from the other end.

“Hello madam, please come back to reality. Remember the housing loan and what about the bills? Who is going to pay for all this? And you, want to quit! No one is going to believe that!”

“Oh yes!  The bills and EMIs!”. Sikha sighed.

“But will you tell me who dared to make you feel like this?”

 “Manav. Can you believe it? IT IS MANAV!” Sikha said in a frail voice.

“What? How can that be? Do you mean Manav Awasthi?”, Deepali was almost in Shock.

“Yes. Imagine! It is like a lost and found case! Time has been probably playing hide-and-seek games with me. But why now? Why me? Do you remember everything I told you?” Sikha enquired.

“Of course. Manav Awasthi. How can I forget? The one you…”

“Yes, the one with whom I …”

Sikha cut the call as she could not speak anymore.

PS: To be continued.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. who is this Manav Awasthi now??
    Was he the one stalking Sikha??


  2. Deepti Menon says:

    Wow, is Manav a new character? Yet one more cliff hanger! Looking forward to the explanation!


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