Chapter 8- A hogwash!

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Sikha reached home and Deepali opened the doors. Stress and a hint of fear appeared on her face. As Sikha entered her living room, she saw Prakash sitting on the couch and watching the television.

“He has an official tour after two days and the house can not just be locked. So I need to go back. Even Ayush has his school to attend.” Deepali replied to Shikha who had questioned by pointing at Prakash with her raised eyebrows.

Sikha pulled Deepali by her arms to the bedroom and closed the door.

“ It has just been four days! You were supposed to stay here for a week. And did he tell you that he missed you? Forget about you, did he tell you  that he missed his only son, Ayush?”

 “No,” Deepali replied with her eyes on the ground.

“ Why is it always about him? Where is my friend Deepali, who used to rule during her working days? Why is it you always taking care and not the other way around?”

 “That is how married life is, Sikha! It is not a calculation sheet.” Deepali shot back.


 “Then what should  I do? Stay single like you? Is that the solution? One does compromise to save the relationship!”

 “Ouch, now that hurt! But you know what I am tolerant only to people I love and Deepali, you are my … I don’t have to tell you that!  But there will be a time when you will realize what I mean. But remember, if he makes you feel like that next time, I will beat the shit out of that man! I swear. I still need to know the details though.”


Deepali left along with Ayush and Praksh and once again the one BHK flat felt completely lonely. Sikha switched on Netflix to catch up with her K drama series. She had to keep herself engaged to get rid of any unwanted thoughts. The love scene that played on the TC screen was just too good to believe and Sikha wondered if such passionate true love ever existed in today’s era of twisted times!

Sikha’s attention from the  TV screen was diverted by a  WhatsApp message.  It was from her boss Mr. Rajat.

 Hello Sikha,

There has been a structural change in the organization.

It is a direction from the  Board of directors.

You would be reporting to Nikhil from tomorrow.

Other changes will be briefed to you at the office.

                                                                Boss !! Is it hogwash or for real?

 The changes will come into effect from tomorrow.


Sikha, could not believe what she just read!

PS: To be continued.

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  1. Uh oh! Nikhil is already so insufferable. As a boss, he’s sure to make Sikha’s life more complicated.


  2. Oh the twist. This will get interesting am sure


  3. Deepti Menon says:

    Gosh, that’s a bolt from the blue! Looking forward to more!


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