Chapter 6- Friends or Family!

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Sikha sat behind the steering wheel and started playing music in the car.

Deepali sat in the rear seat and relaxed resting her head on the car seat as the child slept next to his mom.

A peppy number played and Sikha sang along nodding her head as she drove her way through the traffic.

“Dil.. ye dil …deewana hai ye dil …” from the movie Pardesh was playing at loud volume.

 Deepali just smiled.

Oye hoye, that means you remember him !”, remarked Sikha as she saw Deepali’s reflection in the mirror that hung in front of her.

“O’ common it’s been years, Sikha! Stop it !”

“Remember that handsome hunk who used to wait for you, every day in front of our working women’s hostel with his white Scorpio and his white shirt that used to be rolled up his sleeves! How delicious did he look, man ! He would loudly put this song on, smile at you as you crossed the hostel gate for work and just take off like that! Why did you never smile back at him? How could you not, when he was that handsome?”

“Past is past. Do I have to answer that …now … Sikha? … I am exhausted !”

“At least that helped you blush a little! You and your seriousness… God! Btw, your command is my wish! Here we go!”. Deepali put her foot on the accelerator.

After having a  shower and a sumptuous meal, Deepali cozied up in Sikha’s bedroom with her Kindle in her hand. Books gave her solace that probably no one could give her. And after an hour or so she fell asleep like a baby on Sikha’s bed cuddling her five-year-old baby boy, Ayush with her.

Sikha did not ask Deepali anything about the phone call. She knew Deepali needed space and she had all of it in her empty one-BHK flat.

The morning sun came up with all the glory. Deepali woke up to the lovely smell of groundnuts being roasted in the kitchen.

“Poha is being made for you, madam. Freshen up soon.”Sikha called out loud.  

“Deepali came running into the kitchen and hugged Sikha tightly. You know Maa used to call me like this. I miss her so much. I  would not have been this lonely, had she been alive today !”

Sikha turned to face Deepali and said, “ No… No … No… today is all about the present… about us and what we can do today. I have taken a leave today. Do you know how difficult it was to get it approved? So, it is shopping, dinner, and a movie! I have everything planned. Understand ?”

“What would I do without you? You are not just my friend, not my family but something beyond that!” Deepali declared with a grin on her face.

The two friends spent the day together reliving the moments of enjoying each other’s company as they used to do when they were younger. The only difference was they had to take care of the baby which only added to the fun factor.

Deepali had as if forgotten what she felt about her own life just before twenty-four hours and Sikha made sure she did forget it.

It was about ten thirty at night when both of them returned to Sikha’s apartment. Deepali went ahead with the child while Sikha went to the parking to park her car.

Just when she was parking her car, she felt a little awkward as if someone was observing her back.  She felt as if someone’s eyes were fixated on her every move. Her heart skipped a bit.

She turned around in a reflex!

PS: To be continued.

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  1. Hope all goes well for Deepali here onwards.


  2. Matheikal says:

    Whose stare is that?


  3. sanjeevinim says:

    Binge read all the posts…..! Loved the bonding between Deepali and Sikha


  4. Shilpa Gupte says:

    Friends like Sikha are more than family,. 🙂


  5. Harshita says:

    Ooo! I wonder who is staring at Sikha…is it Prakash??


  6. Oh no! Hope it’s not someone dangerous
    Loved the line, “Books gave her solace that probably no one could give her.” Deepali is my #soulsister


  7. Nazish says:

    Read all the chapters, as each chapter makes one so curious to know what’s next. I am looking forward for more. You have a way to keep the story flowing and making the readers Hooked to read the next line. Amazing.


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