Chapter 22 Vivid Dreams

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Sikha breathed heavily in the back seat of the Taxi. She knew she needed the comfort of a home after the spell of embarrassment that she had faced for some time. Manav had always been the reason why she would lose balance. It had been earlier and it remained the same now too. And she hated it, but did she have any control over it. She breathed a sigh of relief at least she had an alternate address to go and the thought of it made her feel lighter. It was already late in the evening as she reached her destination.

She knocked on the door and Prakash opened it. Sikha raised her eyebrows.

“Hmmm…where is Deepali? I need to talk to her, like right now.”

“She isn’t here for the last two days. I thought you knew about it.”

“What …she isn’t here? Where is she then? And why did you not call me to know where is she? I mean what the hell?”

“I thought she would be back in a few days. I did not think this so much.”

“You are just impossible! I mean …O’ my God! I am just hoping you are ok. And Prakash what are you even… a scum!”

Prakash opened his mouth and then closed it again as he looked into Sikha’s blood-red eyes.  

Sikha stormed out of the apartment and as she was about to book the next cab, something clicked in her mind. She dialed her phone immediately.

“Hello! Is this   Shree Jagannath Working Women’s Hostel? I mean this is the only number I have!”

“Yes, it is still the same. Did you stay here, earlier?”

“Yes. I did. But I just wanted to know if Deepali has checked in here. She has a baby with her as well.”

“Yes…Yes. She checked in late in the night. The day before yesterday. She is not in good condition. If you know her, I think you should come down soon to meet her.”

“I am on my way…Ma’am. Thank you so much.” Sikha welled up while talking to the warden.


“I am sorry. I am so sorry for failing you, Deepali. I should have called back. But I thought you and Prakash need some time and maybe it is best to stay away.I did not think…” Sikha was in tears.

“I was very angry, to be honest when you disconnected the call. But later I did understand. And stop crying! I am fine. It is my choice after all.” Deepali hugged Sikha as a tired little Ayush slept on the bed in that tiny little room in the Working Women’s Hostel where both Deepali & Sikha were once roommates. Deepali too had tears in her eyes.

Sikha continued sobbing as she buried her face in Deepali’s arms. Sometimes a lot is said when you do not say anything. And hearts that understand each other understand the silence as well.

Chal, bag pack kar apna. (Common, now pack your bags)”, Sikha said after wiping her tears after a while.

“What, No! See, I understand but you do not have to go through all this. I will manage. I am already searching for a job”

“You want me to make a scene. I can very well do that. And you know it. You are staying with me till everything falls in place. I said I was sorry. And I just got stood up on my date. If you want to know more, you have to quickly come to my place.” Sikha declared.

Deepali could not stop laughing. “You and date! You want me to believe it. But you do look so different today and I was wondering the moment I saw you. Like really … date?”

“Yeah, and then there was you know who … Manav. Ok, I am not saying anything more before you reach my place.!”


Deepali and Sikha gossiped a lot after having a sumptuous dinner while little Ayush was happy to play around in the homely environment. There were tears, laughter, and a lot of hugs shared between both friends. Some bonds are so strong that they can withstand any test of time. Sikha and Deepali shared such a precious bond.

After a long time, Sikha felt peaceful that night as there was someone to share her loneliness with. She slept like a baby that night with a smile on her lips.

The next morning as she woke up, she scratched her head as she recollected scenes from her vivid dreams that she saw last night. Everything was so fresh in her memory and the kiss … it felt so real that she almost blushed!

“Oh, my God! Are you blushing or what! Why are your cheeks so red!” asked Deepali as she was preparing breakfast the next morning.

“I saw someone kiss me in my dreams and you know who it was !!Guess!!” Sikha said as she covered her face with her palms like a teenage girl.

PS: To be continued.

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