Chapter 16- A Pause in Time!

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Sikha’s first day at work was quite eventful and she was tired even without doing any work. She called it a day and returned home. The day seemed so long that it had mentally exhausted her to the core. With a headache that promised to almost kill her, Sikha felt homesick for the first time in many years today! What if she would have done what her parents wanted to do? What would have happened if she would have just kept quiet? What if she would have surrendered her wishes for a brief time? Would it have been any easier? She did not know! Well, who knows the outcome when one renounces a path and takes up the less traversed route?

Her hunger pangs became unbearable, Sikha picked up her cell phone and ordered her comfort food Dal-Khichdi. She did not have any energy left to even enter the kitchen today. While the food delivery app showed the delivery time to be around twenty-odd minutes, Sikha decided to take a shower and get ready for dinner. At least food would make her brain stop for a while and maybe she would be able to sleep tonight, she contemplated. 

She stepped into her bathroom, naked, and as the warm water hit her skin, she looked into the mirror, she could see everything vividly. She closed her eyes tightly to circumvent her thoughts. But alas, the more she repressed, the past showed itself more clearly.

 That night when she met Manav for the first time, she did not know what made her take the leap of faith and trust the stranger! But somehow, she just listened to her gut. Manav’s smile was reassuring and somehow he seemed to be the solace that she needed at that fragile moment.  They say this world is ruthless but one would have changed their thoughts if they had met this complete gentleman that night, a  stranger who supported a lady in distress.  

The first night she had slept like a baby in Manav’s Bedroom. The place was small yet cozy and what was important was Sikha felt strangely safe in a new place.  The next morning was probably the best morning when Manav had become the complete host and made Sikha feel at home. It was so easy to connect with him that his heartwarming smile made Sikha believe that probably her life was still not over. Manav had not asked her anything personal but rather had shared snippets of his life. They had gone shopping as Sikha needed appropriate clothes and Sikha smiled a bit as she remembered how Manav had scanned her from top to bottom when she came out of the dressing room. She had blushed after a long time that day. The look was flirty and in a way it made her feel special about herself. Manav was extremely handsome, well-read, and had a great sense of humor. But what made him irresistible was his humble attitude that somehow had made the first impression in Sikha’s heart. On top of that, he was a perfect gentleman who knew his boundaries.

Sikha took both her hands and splashed water over her face. She did not want to think about the second night. The night that changed everything. Her brain needed to stop thinking about any further details. She wished she had a button that she could just press and all her problems would just vanish! But to her shock, her brain revolted against her. What a pause in time was that night! She could see, sense, and smell her past and she had goosebumps all over.  

The doorbell rang. And Sikha breathed a sigh of relief. She wrapped a towel and quickly changed into her T-Shirt and shorts. She ran downstairs to get her food from the food delivery boy. She said a small prayer and thanked him for at least saving her from going crazy with her own thoughts. Just then, her phone rang. It was Deepali.

Hello! What happened? Why the hell are you crying ?” Sikha could not believe what she heard from the other side.

PS: To be continued.

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  1. uh oh! What happened to Deepali now?


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    Ooh! What happened ….


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