Wishing upon a star !

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Pexels.com

I have always been fascinated by the sky and have often wondered about the spaces beyond it. When I was a child, during power cuts which happened mostly during evenenigs , I would often lie down on the terrace with my father beside me and we would look into the dark sky and try to find constellations . Sometimes we would try to join random stars and would end up drawing a pattern . The game was, the other person had to guess the formation correctly. And the most exciting part was when a red blinking light would be spotted up above the sky . It was an aeroplane and sometimes there were high speed jet planes that left behind a white layer of smokey lines behind as they cut across the whole sky and then become invisible of of a sudden ! So another thing that made me super excited was the planes ( both commercial & fighter planes ) as they are probably the ones which makesus reach the common man like us touch the sky is the aeroplanes and hence I have always been fascinated by the aircraft be it the commercial once or the mighty fighter planes.

Childhood faded with time but what did not fade was my fascination with the vast, open and always beautiful sky in all its forms. I would often look up whenever a plane crossed above my head and pause for a second in awe and wonder how would it feel to be seated there and travel !How would things below on the earth look when viewed from such great heights ? How magical would it be to see the plane brush against those cottony white clouds ? Would it be more thrilling to travel in the night with stars or would the azure sky look more beautiful? With head full of such questions, one night while lying down on the terrace, I had wished upon a star two things with my closed eyes. One that I would get a job in such a profile where the company that hired me will spend money to travel from one location to another through a plane and second I would make my parents fly with my own hard earned money !

Yes, you guessed it right . Both my wishes were granted . And I was ecstatic when I had to fly for a business trip & yes it was booked by my then recruiter. I remember, I had asked the HR to make sure to get a window seat for me ! The experience was life changing when I realised how small we are in the eyes of nature ! Similar was the happiness , when I made both Baba & Maa take their first flights. It might seem small to many but it was certainly an aspirational fulfillment for me. Later, my trips became so frequent that, I would hardly have any time to get amused as I was in the initial days.

But nonetheless, even today whenever I look through the glass panel of the aircraft as soon as the safety announcements get over, I do have a little smile thinking that yes, my wish had been fulfilled and exactly in the manner that I had asked for it. And everytime I look below with the gigantic tree looking like tiny little bushes or the vast cumulonimus clouds that look like cotton balls, there has always been a feeling of humbleness within me . I have realised that often we need to deflate our self created ego that we hold so dear to us and that happens when we see the bigger picture or have a bird’s eye view just like one can have sitting on a plane !

I want to thank the Universe or rather the star for fulfilling the tiny little wish of a small girl who had dreamt big in her childhood!

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  1. Geethica says:

    I felt the same when I wished hard to earn money through my writing and take financial responsibility for myself and my home, and kids to some extent. The universe does listen to us!


  2. Mayuri6 says:

    Your parents must have been so proud when you made them take their 1st flight. You are an amazing daughter, Chinu. It is the little things that make big memories.

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    1. Thank you so much , Mayuri 🙂 Truly honored


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