Layers of time

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He rested his head on her bust as she glided her fingers in his hair. There was complete silence. Just two heartbeats trying to decipher each other’s language. The friction between the layers of their skin had as if given solace to both their souls. The embrace between the two bodies was as tight as possible. He slowly loosened his grip and with one palm slowly closed her eyes and then with the tip of his finger drew the outline of a rose flower and a leaf on her bare chest. There were goosebumps on her skin. She smiled with her closed eyes and then asked, ” Rose for me ?”

He smiled too and kissed her neck and then licked it with his tongue. She tilted her head backward and cried out a sigh!

” Stop, we can’t. We can’t do it anymore. I had just one chance and it is over now! Stop…please. ”

“Why? Why can’t we? When I just can’t stop loving you and you too love me back?” He started fiercely kissing her all over as a sign of revolt trying his best to weaken her resolve. A tremorlike sensation ran through her body and she writhed in the ache of suppressing her desires.

He then moved up her body and put his neck in front of her mouth.

“Just once! Bite me just once and take me into your world … forever! I do not belong here. I belong with you! Do you not understand?”

She took his head in between her palms and kissed him on his forehead and then held it close to her heart for a long time.

A pause.

“You know the reason very well. I cannot shorten your life years at any cost. I love you more than I can express.” She said and planted another kiss on his forehead. “I think it is time for me to leave! You will continue to be in my heart!

“But I do not want those years without you! And I am not letting you go now .”

She just kept quiet as a golden tear dropped from the corner of her eyes.

“You are so stubborn and yet I …. “. He then held her more tightly in his arms and wrote his name on her bare skin with his finger-tip just above her navel and slowly fell asleep with his head on her thighs.

At daybreak, when the Sun was about to show up and the darkness was about to fade, she woke up from her deep sleep. He slept like a baby beside her. She kissed him softly on his lips and slowly walked towards the wide open sea that was just in front of the villa where they had spent last night together.


Next day:

The newspaper read: A mysterious creature resembling a mermaid seen floating lifeless in the sea. Even after several endeavors, the NDRF team could not get hold of the body!


After several years :

An old man sat on the verandah of an old age home, his wrinkles showing the years that have passed by, and frequently kept saying ” Meri Jalpari , me jaldi milunga tumse… firse ! Meri sundar jalpari” ( My mermaid, I shall meet you soon … again! My beautiful mermaid ) as his inmates laughed out loudly mocking him.


Somewhere up above in the space much above the sky visible to our eyes, there was a discussion among the heavenly spirits:

“When do they meet finally? Don’t you think it is just too harsh on them to suffer like this …. long for each other like they are one soul and two bodies ?”

“Well, some love stories travel through the layers of time, surpassing many births. The phases may end but if love is pure, it survives every test of time. They both are destined to cross their paths in their respective next births and this time, they will be able to hold onto each other for as long as they both breathe their last! Next birth this wait will be over. After all, it is timeless love!



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