Book Review of Lessons from the Nature by MeenalSonal & Author Interview

Book Review 

Title of the Book:  Lessons from the Nature 

Author's Name:      MeenalSonal

Available on:      Blogchatter Website

Format:            E book 

About the Author: Meenal & Sonal are two sisters, staying in different states, who create magic when their thoughts merge despite their physical difference, thus showcasing the fact that when thoughts integrate with each other, distance loses its meaning. They have created a unique space in the blogosphere where they write about positivity, parenting, poems, and many interesting aspects of life. You can visit their blog at & if you love Hindi then you can surely visit their blog at .

Narration: The book is an ode to mother nature. Non-fiction has unique elements wherein the authors have left the mark of their creativity by embedding beautiful poetry in the book and it surely appeals to the readers.

Book Cover & Title: I loved the book cover where in a subtle way, the authors have shown how important is mother nature for our survival, and equally important are we who have to safeguard it so that we continue to survive on this planet earth.

Content: The title of the book sets the tone of the content of the book where lessons from nature have been imbibed in a very unique manner. Writing non-fiction is a risky task and making it interesting is sometimes the toughest task in front of the readers.

‘Nature’s quiet fall
Teaches to rethink refine
Fundamentals of life.’

This poetry which is basically a haiku sums up how autumn can teach us to be humble and stay grounded. If the blissful breeze teaches us to restore lost energy, the luminous clouds teach us to be able to mingle with others and we can draw inspiration from even an unexplored island to surround ourselves with positivity! The entire book is a collection of such wisdom that one can get to learn from mother nature.

The author also writes another haiku in one of the chapters as below

Nature’s creativity
Enjoy its bliss

and one can wonder how true is this! While we crib about the difficulties one faces all the time, little do we value the gift of nature that surrounds us and if truly realized can be us immense joy!

Another beautiful aspect of this book is the introspective questions at the end of each chapter that the authors pose to the readers. Each question guides the readers to look within and in a way makes the book interactive.

So whether it is the calm night helping us find solace in a pause or the gigantic oceans teaching us stability, every single chapter has one common baseline and that Nature is a storehouse of life lessons that if interpreted can bring in harmony, and peace, and rejuvenation in our lives.

My only suggestion is if a link from one chapter to another can be crafted then this book would feel more like a river of wisdom flowing from one stop to another, unlike the abrupt breakpoints that it has now. I wish the authors the best in everything

Download the book here.

Interview with the author

Author -MeenalSonal

Q) Please introduce yourself to your readers.

We, Meenal & Sonal blogging sister duo are soulfully connected by this blog. Writing straight from the heart and leaving a positive impact on readers is our main aim. Expressing a difficult expression with ease is our blog specialty. Poems are well connected with the audience. Few poems are published in online magazines and few are appreciated by renowned bloggers in the blogosphere. Wellness and Parenting are the dearest topics but we never fail to pen our thoughts on social issues too.

Q) Your Current E book ‘Lessons from Nature’ is an ode to the environment. How did this concept take birth? Please tell us more about how did it all start.

Nature always fascinated us in some way or the other. We felt that when we are close to nature it gives us more inner peace and happiness and of course, there is so much to learn through it. When we captured nature’s essence in our writing we thought of sharing this with everyone and a book was a great way to do it. This is one of our very dear topics to pour our thoughts out on. 

Q) Two people running a blog is a very unique concept. How did this all start and how do you both manage it.

We have seen our father who used to pen different kinds of poems and articles. Somewhere the seed of writing was already taken shape in us. We both were staying in different states but a common passion for writing was running at the back of our minds. It was then we came to know about blogging. There is no single article on our blog that we have written without discussing with each other. We write rewrite refine until we both are satisfied with the write-up. It’s like if one adds a pinch of salt to the article the other adds a pinch of sugar :))

Q) The recent Blog dedicated to Hindi Writing is a very novel idea. Why and how did this idea come to you. Please elaborate.

Hindi being our mother tongue is very much dearer to us. We also used to write Hindi articles, stories, and poetry on but somewhere we thought the essence of the language shines out if it has been given an exclusive place and so we thought of starting a Hindi blog. We also realized that most of our readers connect very well with our Hindi posts, especially the poetries. Our mother, being a Senior Hindi school teacher also pushed us to pick our mother tongue to express and this strength of ours is captured in our Hindi blog besides it helps in promoting the regional language which is diminishing at a fast pace. 

Q) Please tell us what books have inspired you in your writing endeavor.

Message-oriented books always have a special place in our hearts and on our bookshelf. The self-help genre is our favorite as we believe learning is a life-long process. 

Q) What is your motivation/inspiration to carry on this blogging journey?

When we started blogging about 8 years ago, we never thought we would come so far. The core idea was to explain to our readers how to bring out the positive aspect in any kind of situation in life. And that’s what the tag line of our blog says ” a place you grow up”. Slowly and steadily we enjoyed penning different kinds of posts, kept learning new things from our fellow blogger friends, accepted our shortcomings with open arms, and made a point not to repeat them. Today blogging has given us a lot that we never thought of. We would just want to say that it has become our passion and a means to find solace.

Q) What has been the biggest hassle?

Managing every aspect of life is what needs to be swift. Prioritizing family and parenting along with writing & reading requires balance, so walking on the path where all are given equal importance seems little challenging at times.

Q) Who do you look up to and how do you see your blogging journey five years down the line.

Five years from now we see ourselves authoring more books. We also want to try our hands on podcasting too. We hope that we may successfully achieve these targets. 

Q) Blogging, reading, or authoring books Which one would you choose and why?

All these are interrelated. Reading is the only way one can learn to write. Reading expands our horizon of thoughts and so in the first place, I would choose reading above the two. Because when you read writing and authoring books will automatically follow.

Q) As a team please tell us about each other’s weaknesses and strengths and how do you capitalize on them?

As a team, the best part of us is one’s weakness is another strength. So we cross out each other weaknesses and emerge as a strong duo.

P.S. This review is a part of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.



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