I & My Poems

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Touched by silence I sat bewildered,
Emotions tapped my shoulder, 
And I still could not answer,
Sentiments danced around, 
Sensing the Tandav within,
Sometimes they felt numb,
As the void screamed loud enough,
I took a string and weaved a garland,
Of words & created my own fantasyland.

Where hope caressed my soul,
And new beginnings knocked on my door,
Where healing had many layers, 
And love was the only desired anchor, 
Sunsets colored with sanguine hues,
Rain drops giving out peaceful vibes,
 And solace singing a beautiful lullaby,
As the day recedes waving a bye, 
And the moon lit night embraces me.

Poetry is the language of the heart,
Minus the poems, 
Life would be pale without the art.


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