At loss of words

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Today, I find it hard to pen down my thoughts. But I have promised to write almost daily ( provided there are no such emergency situations) and hence I will put down my thoughts no matter what.

Wave after wave hit humanity where the world learnt the word Pandemic and is still learning to survive it. The world was pushed back to decades as it almost came to a standstill , the world economy almost crippled and the health infrastructure completely collapsed. We witnessed how our neglect of not having ample medical facilities led to wiping out families. We saw dead bodies being refused to be touched by their own blood. We also saw floating carcases in the rivers & funeral pyres lit up so much in abundance that our heart sank down. People lost livelihoods. The labourers walked miles and miles to reach their home towns. Countries across the world faced such bizare situation. cities and people were pushed not only into uncertainties but also isolated lives leading to increase in stress and mental depression. There has been chaos all around when even the advanced science could not predict the type of virus which kept mutilating itself.

There were also scenes which showed that humanity is not dead yet! Strangers became allies and reached out to the helpless & needy. There were brave warriors who despite the risk, came forward and delivered essentials like medicine, groceries to the elderly staying alone, there were empathetic souls who even took charge of conducting funeral rituals when their own family members gave up.

And we all thought that this world wide phenomenon has probably taught us a lesson. I remeber when there were debates about improving health care facilities and reaching out to friends , families, relatives, the local community and be there for each other. And today , as bizzare as it can sound , a powerful country like Russia has attacked Ukraine and the whole world is numb seeing the potential of this escalation !

The greed for nuclear weapons, the control over economic zones, the hunger to have more territorial expanse has again proved the fact that, we as a race are infact the biggest fools to be inhabiting this world. Probably, the world would be a much better place without the greedy beings like us. Probably it is time that like the dinosuars, we need an extinction of species. Because , we repeat the same cycle every decade! Declaring wars on nations who are filled with resources but are economically backward . The super powers play tactic games ,sell arms so that there can be more wars while advocating fake peace propaganda . And while the tussle between BIG & SMALL nation happens, the other parts look on like mute spectators . Economic sanctions sound more like hoax and ultimately it is innocent civilians who pay the price with their lives. The widows weep, the mothers who lose their children weep, the man losing his home weeps, the children become orpans , the lovers never meet, the number of refugees grow up etc. Infact the whole scenario of we being the so called rational human beings loses its meaning with each such occurence. Probably we deserve the virus, we deserve the war, we deserve our own extinction !

I am just speechless.


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