Parallel Universe

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  A tedious morning 
           seems like a blessing today
when I go on with my
          daily chores, completing errands 
a thought crosses my mind
              as gratitude fills within   
food  to fill my  hunger 
                  a roof on top of my head
cloth   to cover my skin
               loved ones to  hold my hand
somewhere far , far away
                   uncertainty strikes veiled under war cry
  visuals & stories make me anxious
                       My heart, why do you worry
   you have nothing to lose
                       things are beyond your control
   behave as if  its fake
                      forget it all movies, make reels 
   doesn't this makes sense 
                     isn't greed to survive very eminent?
  I take a deep breath & ponder
                      well I am small, I am a commoner
a mere mortal  who sees it all
                      a tiny particle who feels it all
  nesteld  perhaps in a parallel universe
                     bundled in an isolated cocoon
just like millions of us
                   I say a little prayer
 Life is just like a bubble
                 a moment lived , next its gone
  I like many feel a silence
               it's eerie, but pretend to be normal




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