Shades of Tangerine

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
 I don't need those,
those red roses
tired & waiting
in the hands  
that crave for a meal.

 I don't need those, 
those yellow roses
devoid of the shine
having thorns 
of your ulterior motifs
that crave to use a chance.

I don't need those 
life less promises
bereft of sincerity
smelling of  half baked love
with  inhibitions & doubts 
in your heart

 Bring me , Bring me
if you can , if you may
a  heart dipped in scarlet red

 Bring me, Bring me
if you can ,if you may 
a  resolve shinning in amber shade

O love, be my friend
O friend , be my love
a love that is true
a friend that is true

 Life at times, feels heavy
with its share of lies 
bearing burden of   betrayals
a tangerine  tinted soul
right mix of both
a heavenly miracle 
that transforms it all ...


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