Chai & Conversations

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 “Why did he not tell me to stop? Why does it always have to be me?  I am so done !”  

“Ma’am , what should I get you?” the waiter interrupted her thoughts.

“Ahh…. Yes I need one lemon tea please. Just that for now … and may be silence !”
The waiter smiled and nodded his head.

She sat  on the corner table.Overlooking the glass pane !It was drizzling outside .Raindrops on the glass reflected the light in different hues through out while  Smriti recalled her yesteryears . It had been almost  five odd years. She does not even remember how & when things happened. One thing led to another and it all seemed easy . Amrit had become her go to person & may be so much more.

She had been away from home for long, studying & working. A person who makes you feel like home is not common & Amrit had been smrit’s home since a very long time. He housed her ugliness within him  well and Smriti was just herself when she was with him. She did not have to pretend, be pretty  or adapt to a false self with him. 

 There was a smile on her face . But then, she slowly frowned ! “And that black shirt that I gifted him !He could not wear it once, till now. Do I go ahead and gift  shirts to the whole  town! Imagine , me gifting !! Ahhh..”

  “Maam, your lemon tea. “  The waiter had arrived at the table.

 Her phone vibrated. A message just came in. Then another & another. And it kept coming.She saw it , sipped her lemon tea and ignored it. Then there was a call. Even then, she did not touch her phone.

 A few birds flew across the horizon and the sky was slowly turning dark. A car slowly arrived at the café. A gentleman with  black aviators came out of the white car.

 Smriti ‘s head turned towards the man who had just arrived in the café. 
“What …finally!! Finally!! You…”, She went ahead and hugged him hard.  Fuming with anger he resisted at first, but gave in eventually  and held her tightly.

They sat across  each other and the waiter had already brought in another lemon tea as Smriti has already signalled for it.

 “You finally wore this shirt . The black shirt!! I had  been waiting for so long!”

“Till when will you be a drama queen? Tell me? Do you even know how worried I was?”

 “You were worried, but you came staright here & found me , right … like always . Ask yourself why do you succeed each time and you will get your answer.” grinned Smriti while saying this!

 Amrit rolled his eyes 

 “Why did you not stop me ? I have told you na, I go crazy sometimes!”
“Sometimes! Hello, it is always . And I am a fool to  handle this craziness in my life.”

“I have told you, stop me .Stop me, when I go crazy while shopping! Just walk away, scold me , take my cards away. Anything , something.

 "What a joke !", Amrit could not stop laughing. Smriti burst out laughing too!

The night had descended already by then. The lemon tea cups were waiting on the table  for some attention. But what could not wait was the conversation that they both were into.Conversations over a cup of Chai always worked its magic. The glue that held both of them intact till now and probably the secret to their insane relationship which no one understood. 


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  1. Tarang says:

    Such a sweet, lovely story. And that little ‘shopping’ twist made me smile. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much ❣️. Glad you liked it ☺️


  2. soniadogra says:

    Love is in the air and the flavour of this story too! Enjoyed it.

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  3. Story with a twist.. Loved the piece…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you liked it.


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