Spring is here!

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Spring is here among us. And in India, the onset of Spring happens with Vasant Panchami which is also celebrated as the Saraswati Puja in many parts of the country. The season of Spring or Vasant has always brought in a cheer in my heart, mostly like all of us. This short period which lasts just about two odd months is a time when the temperatures gradually rise and winters transform into summers. The Spring season is the season where there is melody in the air as flowers bloom, the air feels fresh & there is a feeling of rejuvenation in the air. India, being a land of different cultures and traditions welcomes Spring with open arms and every part does it in style. 

Spring is the season when plants spring to life indicating rejuvenation, renewal, revival, rebirth. I love winters the most, but there is no denying that I love the spring season equally in my heart. This is the season that is neither very cold nor hot. It may be a short period but fills all our hearts with cheer & vigor. This time of the year is a time that can be capitalized to the maximum if we learn the lessons that nature tries to teach us during this season.

Earlier, when lives were simpler and man used to spend more time with nature, the change of season was a part of the lifestyle and this is how the celebration of various festivals came into existence. Probably man was happier then. Happiness is becoming more elusive with changing times that claim it to be advanced in nature.  Today, when we have been detaching ourselves from nature due to our modern lifestyle, things are different and there is a lack of harmony everywhere. And with Covid, which has become a part of our lives for the past three years, it has become all the more difficult. Man is a social animal and will always remain to be. The close confined lives are certainly having an impact on all of us. When we are away from nature we do not connect with it and are left out of the joy, that one must otherwise experience. Yes, it is tough to be calm  & it is easy to become bitter. And nowadays, it seems it is a fad to become arrogant, troll unnecessarily, have an antagonistic mindset just to stand out in the crowd! And I have always believed that being simple is tough, being good is tough, being noble is tough and only the courageous ones in today's world possess these qualities. Having said that, as the Spring season, renewal of positive thoughts can happen in every heart if there is little effort. Below are a few things that we can learn & implement this spring!

Five little changes to inculcate in our life this Spring Season.

1)Imbibe Newness in self: This season is the season of rejuvenation. And every positive change begins with ourselves. Let us start loving ourselves a little more. Let us find more synergy with the environment that we are set.

2) Recharge your bonds: The bonds that matter to us sometimes end up getting neglected the most. The people who matter to us and vice versa are often taken for granted. Self-love is important but as they say, excess of anything is bad. So let us make that effort to make people who matter to us feel important, feel appreciated & feel loved. And most importantly try and understand the situation of the other person before jumping to conclusions. 

3) Declutter your thoughts: Our mind is our biggest asset. The spring is a time when a new order is set in the air. There is also a concept of Spring Cleaning that takes place during this time. So we can start by rearranging furniture in our houses, clearing out wastes, donating old clothes and books to the needy, taking stock of the immediate environment, etc. More than this, we can emphasize having positivity inculcated in our outlook. This might seem trivial but it might be the toughest to practice. Rising above the pettiness of thoughts can have a positive impact both on our mind, body & soul. 

4) Have time for yourself & your loved ones: Time is certainly important. The seasons come in as per their time also. If we look at a year having 365 days that are fixed and compare it with our own lives that somewhat come with a fixed number of days, we can see that as the year adjusts all the season in it, we too can devote our times between us and our family or loved ones, if we want to. Developing a new hobby, taking care of one's health by taking up any exercise, learning a new skill or a new language, taking out time for mediation or self-affirmations can help in revitalizing oneself. Similarly, giving little time & effort towards our loved ones can create a holistic environment around us keeping us cheerful & happy just like Spring Season.

5) Embrace Nature: We are nothing without nature . So a little time spent with nature like being  under the open sky, evening or morning walks in  the  parks, pampering yourself with some green therapy like taking up gardening or having house plants  can certainly help us to rejuvenate ourselves.

Wishing you all a fabulous Spring season filled with prosperity, positivity & warmth.


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  1. bookishkariii says:

    This is a amazing piece, I’ve read after such a long time.

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    1. thank you so much and so glad you connected with mu thoughts !


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