Rays of Hope

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com

The morning ascends leaving the night behind,

 The rays cutting across the dark from the horizon,

 The illumination bringing new hope & cheer,

signaling that new dawn takes away all the fear,

Rays of light painting the sky  in crimson  hues,

adding perspectives while clarifying the views,

the birds chirping & the morning breeze blowing,

the sleepy world wakes up to alarm sounds buzzing,

The pristine  daybreak leaves one mesmerized,

fog-filled winter mornings that are sun-glazed,

Rays of hope penetrate within the thickest of the canopy,

showcasing that no matter what, find a reason to be happy!

NB: The poem is for the submission towards Pratilipi Poem Marathon and all my poems will be inspired by nature



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