The Winter Solstice

Photo by stein egil liland on

 The shortest day of the year has arrived,

winds are cold and extremely frigid,

the snow envelopes a thick layer,

painting snowy mountain peaks,

the Sun hurries down to set across the horizon,

ending the day signaling the dusk to set in soon!

The longest night  of the year has arrived,

when the darkness is multi-layered,

covering the earth with a blanket of dreams,

proposing for  merrymaking in  a season of holidays,

the heart wants to sing along the songs of cheer,

spreading across warmth, love, hope & laughter, 


The Day & Night today,

play a beautiful game,

when we witness even imbalance,

can be a memorable experience

giving a cue through the winter solstice,

it’s natural to have an imperfection!

NB: The poem is for submission towards Pratilipi Poetry Marathon and all my poems will be based on nature



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