Come with me to the Woods!


Come with me to the Woods,

Hold my hand and I shall lead you

to a tranquil space with a green canopy 

a habitat of our dreams making us happy

grow on my thoughts like a creeper,

& I shall entice you with things that might seem stranger,

The bushy cover of the ground laying down the carpet,

for us to walk on a path and witness the sunset,

the sound of the trees hustling & leaves ruffling,

the echo of the wild & the birds chirping,

will fill our hearts with a vibe that is soothing,

for its still better than the concrete jungle that we inhabit,

the greed , the hypocrisy ,the betrayal is quite lesser here,

the only law is  for the fittest to survive,

the backstabbing, judgements, jealousy is absent and its pure nature that vibes

Come with me to the magical, mystical & incredible Woods!!

NB:  The poem is for the submission towards  Pratilipi Poetry Marathon and all my poems will be inspired from nature!

Love ,


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  1. Tarang says:

    Very nice composition. Pleasant and uplifting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton , for your kind words ! Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  2. Good potraying of the situation in today’s world… And nature being there without expecting returns but caring for you.. nicely written


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