The River & The Ocean

Photo by Pante Mar on

I flow just like the river,

with bends and curves,

smooth and slow sometimes,

fierce and ferocious at other times,

with every turn taking a new shape,

meandering into channels, streams, or even falls,

emerging pure and pristine with sparkling clarity,

cleansing dirt, debris, wastage all along the way,

I lose myself and take a new form,

fragile I might look whilst keeping all the strength hidden,

I rush hurriedly and in haste as if keeping track of my time,

to merge with the infinite ocean fluidly just like a poem,

Pondering upon if I lost or did I gain something new,

the depth, the vastness that I now adorn as a new identity,

powerful, calm, gigantic are some of my new found qualities,

the ocean welcomes me with open arms negating all my inhibitions,

I flow just like the river,

with bends and curves,

waiting to merge in HIM with all my sins,

losing myself in the Spiritual Ocean cutting off all my strings!

NB: This poem is for theĀ  Pratilipi poetry marathon and all my poems will be inspired by nature!

Love ,


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