The Green Carpet

Photo by Patrick Busson on

The grass looks emerald green,

tiny leaves having a glazing sheen,

with drops of dew reflecting the light,

shiny pearls shining so bright,

a bushy carpet under our feet,

meadows having a magnificent sight,

spread across miles & miles of stretches

casting a soothing spell to the tired eyes!

The grass looks emerald green,

strong winds can uproot trees with ease,

but the grass strongly withstands,

negating the conspiracy of nature’s forces,

size does not always matter is what they say,

strength can be hidden within is what they convey,

green, soft yet sturdy  is what they symbolise,

grass is what I want to be, standing after stroms,intact & wise!

NB: This poem is for the Pratilipi poetry marathon submission and all my poems will be inspired by nature!



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