Trends that don’t need to trend!!

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Good evening ,

Trends as we know have become today’s buzzword among millennials. It becomes a point of discussion if you are not aware about the latest trends because that becomes the topic of discussion many a times ! But the very word Trend as per Google has the below meaning.


  1. general direction in which something is developing or changing.
  2. fashion.


  1. change or develop in a general direction.

This clearly means that when there is a trend and the young minds are indulged in making a trend, we as a society develop or change in that direction. The aim of this post is not to educate about trends but to discuss about how this if misused is corrupting us as a society. Today, I witnessed a trend saying #BarDancerDay which was not only derogatory but highly objectionable in nature. It was aimed at a prominent woman (belonging to Politics) targeting her past and personal life . Now in politics , we know its common to bring out the faults of your opponent to the maximum. But the differences in ideologies need to be targeted at . Personal life should not be a topic of public humiliation and national rejoice. I do not understand the brainless joy derived out of this. India has been recognized as a land with rich culture and tradition which has always emphasized on giving respect to women. In our culture elderly women seem to occupy the position of mother like figure which is not visible in any other culture. This post is not politically inclined to be in favor of any political ideologies but my question is have we stooped so low as a society, that we no longer understand that the woman in question is someone’s wife, a mother and even a grandmother! Have we fallen short of counting political differences that we need to pick up some ones personal life that once existed, not any more ? The same people enjoying the trends mocking the private life very much enjoy the items songs and clap with every seductive move ! What a hypocritic society do we live in?

We all have a past and at any point in life one can take a rebirth with new identities as per circumstances that life throws at us. During my post graduation days, I had to present a speech on my Dissertation Paper titled Vision-2020 – India of my dreams. I recall standing on the podium, addressing a packed Amphitheatre and very proudly presenting my paper. Debating and extempore have always been my forte and I could hear the applause the moment I finished my Speech . I still remember the eyes that glittered with hope expecting a bright future! Little did I know that we as a society are regressing with each passing day! India today, is no where close to my dream!

Is it not high time for us to introspect as a society?



Note: The post is solely my opinion about the mindset of our tech-savvy generation and there is no political angle to it nor does it aim to favor any political party or against any political ideologies.

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  1. Politics can reallyt be dirty, I hate the mud slinging. Glad your put across your views

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


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