The Rainbow

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What seems to eyes is not the sole vision,

cos it may hide layers of truth  in-between,

ephemeral,  magnificent & serene,

the rainbow splitting the white light into colors,

into a beauty that is alluring,

splashing happiness in otherwise gloomy weather

A message to see beyond the sight,

to seek what is deep within and bright!

When the rainstorm subsides and clouds give way,

a magical show unfolds in the sky,

with violet hues & indigo vibes,

blue, green & yellow splashes,

bundled with orange & red shades,

resembling a lyrical poetic curve,

up  against the endless airspace,

the rainbow igniting curiosity in each of our mind space!

Note: This poem is for the Pratilipi Poetry Marathon & all my poems will be inspired by nature



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  1. A rainbow actully ignites curiosity in people of all ages. I was fortunate to see a full rainbow in Oct in Mumbai, something that had enevr happened before. We wer on cloud nine that evening

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    1. Glad you liked the poem 🤩. Thanks for stopping by. Rainbow in Mumbai is surely something to watch out for 😊


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