Pic Courtesy: Mobile Upload

Worshipped as Devi, the goddess signifying strength & power,

You descend to bless the mortals on this earth each year,

Days of restrain, positivity & divinity fill the air,

Chanting of hymns, singing songs of feminine glory becomes a common affair,

Festivities like such are periodical & I have wondered as to what might be the reason,

For even with best of the knowledge & memory man seems to forget the lesson every season,

It’s not just the idols that need your respect & appreciation,

The living ones in flesh & bones need equal dignity & adoration,

How do you not see the Devi when you abuse that body of a little one?

How do you become deaf when the screams of despair echo in the entire scene?

How do you not recognise the Devi when you set her ablaze for dowry?

How does getting involved in the barter system, not make you feel sorry?

Marital rape is still legal they say, well does your Devi really enjoy?

How does it feel when you show your brawn power over a body that fails to deny?

Does the Devi really die when you bury her to death just after finding her gender?

Or do you think its just your right to decide the life & death affair?

Devi signifies each one among us ,look around and you shall see HER in each feminine body,

A few days of worshipping an idol won’t help until you give her the status she so rightly deserves!



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