Forgive & Forget . Really…

My theme for #MyFriendAlexa 2020 is School Days & Musings.    Hence, I will be penning down 8 stories that you can fall in love with and may revisit your beautiful innocent days that were never perfect but were filled with fun, laughter & pure joy.   The protagonists will vary every day to add a little more fun and I have used the most possible simple way of getting into these young minds. The Posts will be like diary entries made by these kids at the end of the day about how their day was (mostly about some very memorable encounters)! The posts will be in the form of episodes as every post is interconnected. I have tried to visualize the world from the eyes of the unadulterated souls. I aspire to pass on a little smile that I can, to each one of you reading my pieces so that I will feel that I was of some use.

*Notes- Dipankar, who is a Class IX student and crime partner of Shekhar( his classmate) writes the below diary entry.

*Shekhar & Dipankar are best friends and last benchers . They are in the same section as Juhi ,which is Class IX A.

*Juhi is the new girl who joins the school in the middle of the semester.

*Pallavi is a student of Class IX- A and is the only girl who has become close to Juhi, who has newly got transferred to the school.

*Silviya being in Class IX-A is the leader of all the girls gang in the class.

*Sheela Madam is the class teacher & Ramesh sir is the sports teacher.

Dear Diary,

Today is a major day in my life.  Some major life events have happened today, that I want to document it here. Me and Shekhar have been friends for a long time. We are the best crime partners and we have always somehow had the most memorable fun in our relationship.  Despite we being completely opposite in our intellectual prowess, we somehow always have the same connect when it comes to having fun. We keep challenging each other and this time Shekhar had dared me to do something out of the box. Somehow he keeps mocking me about not being able to come up to the mark while planning our mischief or rather fun activities.

But this time I was sure to create history. I had meticulously planned everything and I had not taken Shekhar into confidence this time as I usually do.  I had chosen the recess time when all the teachers will be in the staff room and I would escape without being caught.  I had slowly kept a cracker in the boy’s washroom and had left it ignited and then ran outside without looking back. Within minutes there was a big noise and I smiled at my success.  I ran with full force to my section and saw Shekhar standing at the entrance. I winked at him signaling the epitome of mischief that I had just set. He looked at me with big round eyes and just nodded his head in disgust. Well, I had given my best!

Within about ten minutes or so , Ramesh Sir, our sports teacher marched into the class and he came straight to my desk, grabbed me from my collar and without asking me anything tried dragging me.   This time things just seemed to go out of my hand .It seemed someone had given him the information in spite of me being extra careful . But the moment he started pulling me, Shekhar stood up from his desk and announced that he was the mastermind behind the whole scenario. I just could not believe my ears. How could he take the entire blame on him? I signaled him to keep away from all the fiasco that I had caused. But Shekhar is quite stubborn when it comes to taking decisions. 

Ramesh Sir, anyways always has a pile of grudge on both of us because by hook or crook we both have escaped the crime scenes many a times in the past. But this time due to my poor planning, we were in his clutches! I could see the evil smile that escaped from his face while escorting us to principal sir’s office! We both went through the entire ordeal. Had it been only me, I would have been rusticated for sure but just because I had Shekhar supporting me, who without fail tops the class in every exam, the punishment got reduced to a week’s suspension from the school. This was because, apart from the blasting noise, there was destruction of school property. While being scolded by the principal all I could think of was what was going to happen when I break the news at home!  Shekhar too seemed very tensed. After all he had no idea this was going to snowball into such a big mishap.  I cursed myself for thinking too much out of the box. The only person who seemed to have achieved the highest level of satisfaction was none other than Ramesh Sir! He had that wicked smile throughout and his chest had swollen about two inches with pride. I can never forget what Shekhar did for me today.

After all this, I thought there would be nothing more that can happen. But no , there was a lot more to happen.  I knew yesterday there was something that had happened between Shekhar & Juhi but I still had no idea about the details . After we came out of the Principal Sir’s cabin, Pallavi signaled me to come near the corridor and she spilled the beans. She confessed that it was her idea that the virus infected pen drive was a part of the plan to create ill feelings between Juhi & Shekhar! Well, I knew Shekhar liked the new girl. Shekhar is quite reserved when it comes to the affairs of the heart and he had not told me much about his feelings. But there was certainly an inclination for sure.

I did not understand Pallavi, though. After so many years of being classmates with Shekhar, how can someone back stab a friend like this? She cheated Juhi as well! I wanted to thrash her then and there!! But after all ,she is a girl and she had tears while explaining how Silviya had been the mastermind and had manipulated her into all this.  I had no other way than to listen to her . I was infuriated with Pallavi and was controlling my temper while listening to her, though!

I had to do something for my friend, Shekhar now.  Communication was the only way to bridge all the gap. However, the moment I went up to him and started taking the name of Juhi, he looked at me and Pallavi with blood red eyes. I am well aware about Shekhar and what he is capable of, when he is angry! It is best to leave him alone during those times. So that is what I did.

Hence, it was only wise to talk to Juhi and try to amend things between both of them. Juhi had been severely punished yesterday by both the science & the computer teacher. We had all thought that she would take a day or two off to pass on the emotions of embarrassment. But to every one’s surprise she came to the class! But with an absolute stone cold face. Silviya looked perplexed the entire day as well. Even she , probably had never thought that new girl will have guts to face the entire class after being punished the previous day. Well in science practical class she lost some of her marks.  But more than that, she was asked to kneel down in the play ground in the scorching sun when the computer crashed due to the infected virus. That was quite harsh according to me.   Kneeling down, she looked so still that we all were shocked as to what she really felt within. She had absolutely no emotions displayed on her face. Had it been any other girl, she would have cried by this time! But, Juhi had no sign of any tears.   Hence we all had thought that she would not be seen on the campus at least for a few days. On the contrary, She was there claiming her space! It was really surprising.

Our one week suspension starts from tomorrow and it was very crucial to clear the misunderstanding as soon as possible. Because in another couple of weeks we have our final exams!  So there was no way we could miss any chance of clearing the air of mistrust, doubt and ambiguity. I signaled Pallavi to take the lead and say the truth to Juhi.  Pallavi & me called upon Juhi to our auditorium to explain the whole issue. She did the same and Pallavi started explaining her everything with the minutest detail. I stood there as a mute spectator wondering how the most beautiful faces can hide such filthy thoughts!  We all knew about Silviya, but it was unbelievable what destruction can be caused by the fire of vengeance. Pallavi was a mere scapegoat in the whole process and I thought she deserved forgiveness. But still she had broken the trust factor for sure. I was thinking about the bond that me & Shekhar shared. He stood up for me today when I was the sole culprit . And these girls were just pulling each other down. I felt a sense of pride and vowed to protect the bond of friendship with Shekhar for a lifetime at that very moment in my mind.

Juhi was hearing to everything that Pallavi said with a calmness that was quite uneasy. It was like the calmness before the storm. After every detailed description from Pallavi, what I saw was absolute shocker for me. I saw Juhi give Pallavi a tight slap on her face and the sound  was so loud in the spacious auditorium that I took few minutes to understand what I just heard. After slapping Pallavi, Juhi  said, “I forgive you now, but this is the least that you deserve for backstabbing me, for playing with my faith & trust!” .

Pallavi broke down into tears and I was awestruck at this behavior of the new girl.  Will she & Shekhar mend ways now?   

Is it that easy to forgive & forget? Really


Class – IX-A

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  1. Jyoti Jha says:

    Sometimes it seems really difficult to forgive and forget. What an intense narrative. I hope Pallavi and Shekhar mend their ways.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for the constant support Jyoti. Means a lot coming from you 🙏.


  2. Atulmaharaj says:

    That’s the best part of school friends, we’ll go down together spirit. And that’s the type of friendship that you’ll probably never ever have with anyone else later on in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true!! School friendships are the best.


  3. Ruchi says:

    Schools leave such an impact life long .. will she really be able to forget

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I so agree with you! School life does leaves an indelible mark.


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