Book Review – Along Came A Spyder

  • Book Title–  Along came A Spyder
  • Author’s Name–  Apeksha Rao
  • About the Author–  Apeksha Rao is a  YA writer based in Bangalore. She started discovering her passion for writing   During her parenting years and wrote her debut novel. She completed her debut novel by participating in the NaNoWriMo contest.   She wears multiple hats of being a homeopathic doctor, mother, and now an author as well! She also has her own Youtube Channel.
  • Narration:  The narration is engaging as well as has a blend of of humor and the punch lines makes the book quite compelling and makes the plot a little more unique.
  • Content:   The book can be categorized into contemporary fiction or young adult genre. The book transports you to a different world together of spys , thrill filled adventure, heart pounding incidents that follow one after another and keeps its readers hooked till the end. This book is about Samira Joshi, a 17 year old who is determined to become a successful spy. She draws her inspiration from her parents who are secret agents and serve for the nation. Though she had to face many resistance to fulfill her dream. But she lands a windfall when she gets to know about a spy group led by one of her parents’ alies and comprises of teenage girls. But Samira has to face many obstacles, road blocks along the way, which readers can themselves find out when they indulge in this teenage led comic thriller. The best part about the book apart from the quirky story plot is the chemistry that the protagonist has with her parents & her granny. The small argument sessions with her parents about how she wants to pursue her risky & challenging career is something to watch out for. though there is a fun element attached to it, yet it conveys a very strong message to young girls about how they should be passionate about their career choices and if need be, should out rightly be vocal about their rights. The book is potpourri of emotional drama, suspense, trill all entwined in a string of wittiness & humor. It is a must read if you want to indulge in a fun ride filled with excitement & twits & turns. My Congratulations to the author for creating such a distinct story line & making Samira, a role model for young girls who wants to pursue their dream. This book also has a prequel named The Itsy Bitsy Spyder available on Amazon.
  • The book Along Came a Spyder is available on Amazon. Please grab your copy!



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