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Nakedness was my only attire when I took birth,

Did I feel naked then?

Ignorance was truly bliss then,

what is shyness, well I did not know it’s meaning…

I could only feel so many things and respond

not discerning emotions in my nascent stage!


Time passed by  and I grew up with hormones making a dance within,

my body underwent changes,

Did I feel naked then?

I felt different I guess, maybe I had to accept my new identity…

some glances made me feel conscious,

a few comments from onlookers made me feel awkward.


They say youth is like magic,

it’s gone before you know it,

the excitement to  know to another body filled me,

You touched me making me nervous and anxious,

Did I feel naked?

I felt a passion, a never-ending urge for closeness filled my lustful senses.


The clock ticked away as usual,

I  finally drank the love potion,

We became one soul two bodies, sharing every vulnerability, every weakness,

Did  I feel naked?

yes, never did I  ever feel this  before,

Nakedness in its very raw form  is when you bare your soul,

It needs the courage  to be naked, for surrendering that is within your flesh & bones





















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  1. Ravi Teja Mandapaka says:

    Awesome!! So so very deep and precious.

    Liked by 1 person

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