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Life and its experiences are shaped by the decision one takes. The decision-making process is not only crucial but many times changes the trajectory of an individual and the families involved.  The book that we are going to discuss today is very special and deals with strong characters making life-altering choices. I also had the chance to interview the author. Please scroll down to know more about her!

  • Book Title–  Crosshairs of Life
  • Author’s Name–  Rimli Bhattacharya
  • Published by – Notion Press (PaperBack) / Amazon (Kindle )
  • About the Author– Rimli Bhattacharya is a First class gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, an MBA in supply chain management has rich experience in the corporate sector before giving in to her passion of writing.  She has contributed to two anthologies namely  A book of light and Muffled Moans which were highly appreciated. She writes for several magazines, Times of India, Engineering Journals, Blog spots and is also an Indian Classical Dancer. She is based out of Mumbai, India.  
  • Content:   The book is a collection of fifteen short stories that have very strong protagonists. The stories are not only gripping but evoke deep-seated emotions while you immerse yourself in the narration. The first person narration in many stories helps bring in the element of reality and instantly creates a connection with the readers. The complexities of human emotions, the uncertain pathways of life and varied critical situations make it a compelling read. The common factor involved in each story is that the protagonists are not only bold but they face real-life situations that make them vulnerable at some point in life.   What appealed to me is that the stories portray the part of society that we live in and the flaws that we deny to highlight.  The writing is very vivid that makes it easier to imagine the plot in the reader’s mind. Many climax scenes are powerful enough to bring tears into your eyes.  Be it the story of Rani & Maithili or the love triangle of Dr. Anirudh, Meera & Michele, or the encounters with strangers that can lead to intense discussions by the protagonists, this book does not fail to amuse.   The stories touch upon very sensitive topics like abortion, desires of a lonely woman, anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, the difficulty of having an autistic child, and many more.  I personally enjoyed reading this book and I strongly recommend it.  I congratulate the author for this beautiful creation.
  • The book is available on AMAZON.



 Author Interview

Rimli Picture


Q-Please introduce yourself.


I am Rimli. Engineer and MBA by profession, and writer by passion.


Q-Please, tell us how you started writing or what made you think that you can pursue writing. 

I come from a family of academicians and I was introduced to writing at a very young age. I love writing and that is the only reason why I write.

Q-How has been your writing journey so far?

Mixed bag


Q-How do you keep yourself motivated to create and deliver? 

It comes naturally.


Q-What has been the inspiration to write the current book & what are your expectations from it? 

I had earlier written a book but never advertised. This is the first time I had let people know that I have authored a book. I have no expectation, I just want my readers to enjoy it.


Q-Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book? 

Anyone can be my target audience. It is pure fiction with different tales of love, angst, betrayal, mental illness. The readers are free to choose their genre from it.


Q-Please share your favorite part of the book or excerpt which has touched your heart.

“Now, I’ve become an unapologetic storyteller who runs the marathon single, solo, alone—with no one to greet at the finishing line. Because on the other side of not quitting is flourishing, but you don’t have to resign to get there. All you need is faith.”


Q-How do you envision your writing journey in the future? 

I take one day at a time. Let me see what the future holds for me.


Q-Name your favorite authors/poets. Please share any favorite excerpts from your favorite book.

The list is huge and there are several excerpts. I refrain from answering the question.


Q-What is one strong philosophy that you live by?


Kindness and Gratitude


Q-Failure is inevitable in life. Have you ever faced it? If yes, how did you overcome it? What has been the learning lesson that you can share with us?

I have failed so many times. I don’t even remember them now. What is most important is the lesson you learn from it.


Q-Anything you want to convey or give a message to your readers.

Read to write and write with integrity.

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