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He woke up early and looked at her. She lay beside him, deep in slumber.  He had never seen her so peaceful and calm. She was like a storm and he flew along with her the moment she entered his lifeline. Last night was one of the best nights that he had experienced. Not because he could scale up all the lines and curves of her body, but for the first time, he could feel that she completely belonged in his arms. The light of passion had lit up and their bodies had fulfilled their own desires.  He looked at her and checked her perfect collar bones before planting a kiss there. It was unusual today for her to stay so long at his apartment after their night out.

The past few months that they were together was nothing less than magic for him. Her bubbly character and talkative nature filled his days with excitement and nights with beautiful reminisces. She was a whirlwind and he was stable as a rock. Probably this combination of being opposites worked for them.

The morning was perfect with the golden beam of sunlight falling on the glass-like flawless skin of his muse. she was his secret and a beautiful one. He treasured her. Though it started as a fling, things had gotten serious with time. He had made up his mind to make her his own, forever. It had been a difficult decision for him but he had completely fallen head over heels. After all, she was one of a kind with kohl eyes resembling that of a dove and a look into her mesmerizing eyes made his heart melt. He had decided that he wanted to propose her for life and take on anything that comes with this decision.  He no more wanted her to be his secret anymore! Yes, today he would say it, no matter what.

Just then her phone beeped and a message was displayed on the screen.  It was the first time the phone was discovered by him when it was not in her hands. The message was:

Hi Babes…  Time to be in my arms now! waiting!!!!

He read it and felt a deep pain beneath his heart.  He sat there motionless for sometime!

She woke up slowly, kissed him passionately before rushing to take a shower. He looked in the mirror and saw his own image. Why did it look scary? His own image?

He bid her farewell and at the doorstep hugged her and softly whispered into her ears,

 Let’s stop! I do not want any more secrets in my life!!




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