Book Review 11- On The way ..They Gave a Hand



  • Book Title–  On the way… They gave a hand
  • Author’s Name–  Payel Dutta
  • Published by – Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author–   Payel Dutta loves her life and more than anything loves to travel. She has loved it to the extent of exploring new places and along with exploring herself as a solo female traveler. She is a fun loving person and has launched a website dedicated to travel i.e.
  • Title and Book Cover- The book cover is  quite quirky in its visual appeal with an animated picture of a cute girl ( supposedly meant to be ‘Payel’-wink) with essentials meant for travelling like a suitcase, journal,backpack etc.
  • Narration:  The narration is very engaging and realistic as if the author is talking to the readers and the readers can connect very well . She has effectively used humor in bits and pieces to keep  her readers hooked till the very end.
  • Content:  The book is a travelogue where the author has shared her experiences regarding her domestic as well as  international travel. Well then you might wonder as to what is unique about it?The uniqueness lies in the way it is written. It  gives a very personal appeal where in the author has poured her heart out. The minutest of the details expressed make the readers almost visualize the scenes described. Not only that, it ensures to put a smile on your face while turning the pages. Be it about the vivid description about Kerala,or the descriptive journey on a cruise to the hook of Holland , her Indonesian adventures where in it seems the host country knows more than India itself, her lively Belgian encounters and many more such moments ranging from  hospitality to  the cuisine to transportation details,  gives the book an unique touch. In many places, real life conversations can be found and it gives a peak into the mind of the Author as well. The Author surely has the ability to see positive aspects in many unexpected situations. She has highlighted throughout her book, that even strangers can be helpful and go beyond the call of their duty to ensure the traveler’s safety. Her focus is highlighting that budget travel for solo female travels can be real fun. Yes, this in a time when  many  still raise eyebrows in our country listening the name about female solo travel .So this is an effort to showcase that it is very much possible and  with well planned preparations and intelligent decision making ability, one can lead to creating indelible memories . This book is engaging and if you want to view the world through the fun filled, enthusiastic ,curious eyes of the author, please pick up this book and explore the sheer joy of travel .
  •  What I Missed? I missed seeing pictures in the book. The elaborate narration makes the readers want to visualize things that are being spoken about , but I did not find any ( I am sure  the author would be hiding it somewhere for sure).
  •  Hurry up Guys…  Please click on the link below as the book is now available on Amazon:
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My Interview with the Dynamic Author

Photo- Payel Dutta.jpeg

Q-Please introduce yourself.

I work for the travel industry and it’s been few years that I picked up the knack of Solo Travelling & Blogging. So I work, travel as much as my leaves allows me, apart from that I love being lazy. And I love food which tags as healthy!!

Q-Please tell us how you started writing or what made you think that you can pursue writing.

An out of the Blue-grey cloud idea it was, as I was never good at writing. The idea popped up when I was planning my first solo-trip, and since then it’s been a place of solace all of a sudden. So it’s going on peacefully so far.

Q-How has been your writing journey so far?

Peaceful and stress-reliever!

Q-How do you keep yourself motivated to create and deliver?

As it’s mainly a Travel-blog, if I get to travel as planned, things are good, I have enough content to write then. But if I consider the current situation, we all are bound to be inside our houses for some time now and of course it will continue, these days I cook a lot and recently I’m talking a lot about my food inspirations. So the point is motivation has to come within us, we have to find the way.

Q-What has been the inspiration to write the current book & what are your expectations from it?

The book talks about the people I met during my journeys so far, it talks about lot of interesting incidents I faced with them or maybe they faced because of me!

Expectation.. I wish people read this book, as I think I have tried doing something different, this book will bring the readers’ travel memories back and remembering those moment are a different joy.

Q-Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book?

Though this is a travel related book, it can also be considered as a Non-Fiction. And I think anybody can read it. Though to some extent I feel that may be children above 10 should read this book, because Travel is kind of an emotion to me, may be one should understand the meaning of Travel which is beyond just visiting to a place.

Q-Please share your favorite part of the book that you enjoyed penning down. You may also share any experience that you came across while penning down the book.

Re-living those moments and thinking of the minute details, so that I could explain the scenarios as exactly as possible.

Q-How do you envision your writing journey in future?

I truly don’t have much idea, but in future OTWTGH part 2 (or may be 3) will come.

Q-Name your favorite authors/poets. Please share any favorite excerpt from your favorite book.

I love reading books, especially books where authors plays with words or humor. J K Rowling is one of my favorites. Recently I am in love with Jane Austen also.

Sharing excerpts will be difficult, as there’s many.

Q-What is one strong philosophy that you live by?

There’s more than one actually, but one very important which I keep reminding myself is, ‘In order to keep others happy, YOU need to be happy, so do things which makes you happy!’


Q-Failure is inevitable in life. Have you ever faced it?

Every now and then, I think I am built on my failures.

Q-If yes, how did you overcome it? What has been your learning lesson that you can share with us?

Most of the times in my life nothing happens as planned, things go up side down, I break down, I get angry. But always the lesson has been; accept the situation, don’t run away, face it the way you can. It’s ok if it’s not the best possible way, but you tried your best that’s what matters.

Q-How has recent pandemic affected your thought process and what is one message that you would want to advocate during these stressful times?

It has been a great learning. It is a trying time, we all are going through. But this tough time has taught me to adjust, accept the harsh reality, survive to see a better future and I am thankful to the almighty because I am still blessed.

Q-What needs to be done to inculcate the habit of reading and writing among today’s young generation?

Reading is something which comes from family and peer groups, I didn’t pick this habit from my family but from my friends during school days and teachers. In my opinion, reading should be imposed on every child, so that at their growing stage they can be more decisive on their choice as I believe reading helps in the growth process.

However when it comes to writing, I think it’s more of an anonymous choice and should be left on individuals.

Q-Please give your review links to your book so far.

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  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful words Chinmayee, I am still grinning and dancing my happy dance!

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    1. Glad you liked it Payel. Lots of love and best wishes for the future.


  2. Abha Mondal says:

    That’s a wonderful review about this book. I felt the same after reading her book. I loved the interview section as well. Great idea to know more about the authors. Well done 👍

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    1. Thanks Abha. Your words are an inspiration. Would be glad if you can read my E book as well. It’s Free to download as well. Link is in the post itself.

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      1. Abha Mondal says:

        Hey Chinmayee. I have read some wonderful reviews about your book. Downloaded and currently reading your book.

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      2. Thanks a lot Abha.. Would love to hear from you…

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