Fathers- The unsung heroes

crop person touch palms with newborn baby on gray backdrop
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com


you held my hand when I was little,

put food on the table working all the while,

made me study  and work hard,

being independent was always the standard,

taking us to school daily was like a ritual,

doing homework under your supervision was  habitual.


you supported me when I wanted to study more,

moving to different cities  was not surprising anymore,

numerous interviews and multiple rejections,

I went through it all; you were there to give directions,

always proud of my achievements,

”Go for it”; “you can do it”; were your usual statements.


being a daughter I had to do as per norms,

you  let me fly  with my chosen one though it seemed like a travel in the sandstorm,

I tried, tried hard  to fly with wings that got broken and failed miserably,

came back home, to the comfort of loved ones and cried inconsolably,

I have passed that phase and know that we have numerous fights and have moments that we hated,

But , I also know that fathers are unsung heroes waiting to be appreciated!

Dedicated to all Fathers!

(‘Baba’ meaning father)







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  1. Simon says:

    Happy Father’s day✨ Convey our Wishes ✨🤗

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    1. Thanks… Please be sure to convey mine to yours as well 🌻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simon says:

        Thanks, Sure ✨👍

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