Book Review 8- Unlocked

Hello Readers,

Hope you are all doing great. Today I have picked up pieces of History ! “History…ehhh…boring”, did I hear that from some of you? I bet ,Sonia’s book will prove you wrong. As I opened the book , I was skeptical if I can complete it in one go and voila, before I could realize I had completed the book. Like a child, with each episode, my curiosity grew and I just could not stop being amused to know so many facts that had been hidden under the layers of time! The Author has managed to unravel the mysteries that time had hidden in its long course. She has highlighted , be it a person or event , with such finesse that the readers remain spell bound. And to add to the charisma, the lyrical version helps the readers to flow swiftly with the waves of narration.

Let us get to know the book in a better way!

  • Book Title– Unlocked Historical Tale in Verse
  • Published by– Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • Author’s Name– Sonia Dogra
  • About the Author-Sonia Dogra worked as a teacher and a reporter for a children’s newspaper before she decided to switch over to freelance proofreading services. Her random ramblings on her blog ‘A Hundred Quills’ turned into serious writing as she began to pen for various online portals. She has been a part of an anthology, ‘Poems from 30 Best Poets’, published in 2019 by Literatureslight. She also has a collection of poems titled ‘Life, Women and Everything in Between’ on Juggernaut. She can be caught napping on Twitter @SoniaDogra16 or slightly proactive at (A Hundred Quills).
  • Title and Cover feel- The Title is very intriguing and gives a sense that readers can anticipate the result of something unlocked. The cover is in a shade of light and dark brown color. I guess its synonymous with dust which symbolizes that when time hides something precious, it takes keen observation and perseverance to demystify the truth. There are many apt images on the cover page adding to the excitement of knowing what lies ahead.
  • Narration- The narration is done in lyrical verses . The book is divided into two parts namely: “The Famous and the Infamous” and “Epoch making Episodes”. This demarcates the spotlight being on persons in the first part and episodes being on the second part. Use of references to make readers understand every minute details is noteworthy and ensures that the readers capture the true essence of the book. This also makes it clear that the author has tried to think from readers perspective which makes it even more appealing and instantly builds a connect.
  • Content- The content of the book in question is like an ocean of knowledge and one can not stand on the beach to understand the depth that it holds . One has to dive into it. Once you dive, you get to see the pearls that were hidden beneath. Blame it on time, forgotten folk tales or unfortunate events that has kept many such personalities or events out of sight. I was drawn into the book from prologue page with the below poem, where “History” itself is the protagonist. Few lines are as below:

Dear me!

Did you just say

you don’t like history?

Well, that’s not how it’s

supposed to be!


I peep into the mirror

and have a Jack Nohi at myself.

Then I look deeper,

What is it about me

that doesn’t make you eager?

No wonder in your eyes

you don’t jump out of your skin,

Being around me to you

doesn’t mean a thing.

Be it about the secret about Cleopatra’s nose or Hitler’s childhood saga or the secret behind the beard of Fidel Castro; the exciting tales keep pouring on . Have you ever heard about sergeant major Gandhi or the heroic tales about AzeezunBai, Hossaini and Gauhar Jaan? Sonia’s book has answers to all your questions. Keep turning pages to know more about “Kokura’s luck“, hidden key of the “Millionaire’s special”( Titanic),Lincoln and his Lost speech,the football war and many such intricate details or narratives. The content along with choice of fonts, pictures and references make it perfect for a Paperback/Hardcover version and I would request Ms Sonia to think on these lines.

  • What I missed? This is the most difficult part for me while reviewing any book. I had difficulty in this case as well. I missed finding Chapter 26 of this book.(meaning I wanted more of such beautiful poems )
  • So , hurry up and please download the free E book by clicking the below link.

Download link:


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  1. soniadogra says:

    Thank you Chinmayee. I’m terribly late for this gratitude but it’s been on my mind for long. Thank you for your unconditional support. It means a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I did not know when time flew and I reached the end of the book. Keep inspiring ✨


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