Book Review 7- Where Rainbow Meets the Sky

  • Book Title– Where Rainbow meets the Sky – A novella
  • Published by– Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • Author’s Name–  Vidhi Duggal
  • About the Author– Vidhi Duggal is an author, blogger and freelance writer. She is a professionally qualified teacher, a trained makeup artist and hairstylist. She started her journey as a published author with her first story, A Distant Dream, which is part of a bilingual anthology of Children’s Fiction called Gubbare. Her first book “In the Maze of Life” is a bilingual collection of short stories.
  • Title and Cover feel- The Title is a well conceptualized book cover and has a dreamy feel to it with  a dream catcher on it.(The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams.)
  • Narration-The narration is a mixture of dialogues and explanations that easily navigate the reader into the world of the protagonists in the book.
  • Content-  The story is nothing less than a movie. The Author manages to create a plot  with many supporting characters along with the main protagonists Rahul and Mehak. The character building technique of all the characters is done well as  the Author takes her readers through a long time journey. She narrates the  innocent world  young ,dynamic college graduates and then slowly takes the readers to understand realities of life through her characters. The vivid description of Manali gives the readers a real feel about the scenic charm of the hill station. The  moment you read the book , you want to escape to Manali and get lost in its magical and pleasant surroundings . The feeling of longing that the Author wants to convey is very well portrayed. When one proceeds from one chapter to the other, the sheer excitement of what happens next is continuously felt and I give kudos to the author for doing so.  The dream catcher is a very important prop used by the author.I would not like to reveal more and want the readers to read the book to feel the emotions.One of my Favorite excerpt from the book is as below:

After wandering for some time, they spotted the girl at one of the shops selling quirky hand made things. The girl was arguing with the shopkeeper over the price of a dream catcher. Her hair was open with the braid kissing her cheek. Her brown eyes again widened to see Rahul.

  • What I missed? Well, All I can say is deciding on what will be the climax is solely on the imagination power of the author. However, had there been a little more drama towards, the end, I personally would have enjoyed more. But this is solely my personal opinion. Readers can have different view points. You want to understand what I want to express? For that you need to read the book and its just one click away!.
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