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Odisha, India’s best kept secret ! This is the official tagline of the Odisha tourism Department that aims at projecting Odisha as a land full of mystical elements sure to attract tourists . I however feel that this secret need to be explored to the optimum level. Because often when things go unnoticed or hidden they lose their value and shine. Having spent may years outside my home state Odisha, I have personally come across many biased opinions about my native land. It is always perceived as a state of extreme poverty and facing natural calamity with the spiritual combination of ‘Jagannath Dham‘ in Puri . Barring this very less is known to the outer world. Many forget to read between the lines to understand the land of Odisha has so much to offer that hardly anyone can imagine. Its serene, sublime and soulful charm can only be experienced and not told.

The Author has passionately attempted to open the box full of knowledge about century old traditions and their linkages to geographical aspects in the state of Odisha. This E-Book sincerely attempts to list and share about the 17 GI tags of Odisha, India, that have been registered till May 17, 2020. The information has been sourced from GI journals published by GI Registry, Govt. of India, and also from other reliable media sources .

Let us explore the book in a more detailed format.

    • Book Title– Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha
    • Published by– Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
    • Author’s Name– Dr. Anita Sabat
    • About the Author– Dr. Anita Sabat is an independent researcher working for social causes. She is no less than a crusader who has been championing to voice her concern to protect, preserve and promote heritage,culture and environment. She is a multi dimensional personality and has many feathers to her hat. To know her better, I had the privilege of interviewing her online . The same can be found below. Please scroll down to the interview and get to know her better. She is a power house of passion, knowledge and will inspire you to have a purpose in life.
    • Title and Cover feel-The cover page is my favourite because apart from being unique and having a professional touch , it is a reflection of what lies beneath , the very essence of Odisha! It successfully attracts attention of the readers as it showcases the minute details . There is hardly any other book cover that might have given so much thought while designing the cover page! If you closely observe the stand out letters of Odisha on the top cover have small images in it. Now every image has significance . The letter ‘O’ in Odisha has an earthen pot full of ‘Odisha Rasagola’. The letter ‘D’ has a Odissi dancer displaying a mudra who is wearing a lovely Khandua Saree with silver filigree jewellery rry or ‘Tarakasi’ work. the letter ‘I’ has Orissa Pattachitra displayed through out. The letter ‘S’ has applique beautiful art work of Pipli used as a wall hanging for decoration purpose. The letter ‘H’ has integrated two GIs in it. If you observe, it is yellow in color signifying the ‘Kandhamal Haladi’ which is unique quality of turmeric powder produced in the region that is Kandhamal in Odisha. The left hand side of letter ‘H’ has a hint of yellow-maroon colored Berhampur Patta Saree .At the bottom of the right side of the same letter,there is an image of ‘Ganjam Kewda flower’ which is another GI tag. The letter ‘A’ again showcases another applique work that is used as an umbrella during religious processions of the deities. Another stand out feature is the ‘Konark Temple’ ( The black Pagoda) stone carvings on the cover. The bright red color of the cover is a clever choice which will grab eye balls easily.
    • Narration-The narration style is very comprehensible and gives an explanation to many complex terms in a simple manner so that a layman can understand. The book starts with an attempt to give a background as to what is Geographical Indications and then easily makes it readers focus on identifying the seventeen Geographical Indication tags belonging to Odisha.
  • Content- Dr. Anita Sabat has penned down an unique book which collectively showcases the Seventeen Geographical Tags that Odisha has been able to acquire. The book first of all lays the foundation and introduces its readers to the concept of Geographical Indications and its registration process along with the advantages of doing so. The book is a store house of information where in the details of the individual Geographical Indication has been discussed. The very first line which defines what is a geographical indication i.e.“A Geographical Indication (GI) is an agricultural, natural or a manufactured product (handicrafts, food stuff, and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory” emphasizes the importance of registering the local , unique and reputed products and in the long run give due credit to the community/ communities associated in producing the same. The GI logo is also discussed. All the references from authorized sources have been mentioned giving the book its professional touch and easy to trust the information. I wonder how many Odias would be knowing the details of all the seventeen GI tags ! The Author has rightly pointed out that to be proud of one’s culture and tradition, the first thing that is important is knowledge regarding the topic . The strong statement i.e.”We need to know the facts and truth so that we can feel proud of our culture and heritage” mirrors the strong desire of the author to create awareness and I applause her commitment towards this noble cause. The author had also conducted an online quiz contest on her blog where she regularly blogs on varied topics along with many interesting facets of the state of Odisha. Being an Odia myself I felt immensely proud to discover that starting from ‘Kotpad Handloom’ Fabric to ‘Berhampur Patta Saree & Joda’, twelve varieties of handicraft items have registered GI tags. Isn’t it surprising? Many people from outside the state and even within the state refer to such intricate work of artistry as just Odisha handloom work ! They easily miss the distinction between each kind of fabric. This is not only degrading to the community of artisans involved in creating such unique products , but also shows serious lack of knowledge. Talk about the ‘Orissa Pattachitra’ or ‘Orissa Ikat’, the author has cited reasons as to why Orissa and not Odisha( as per the new name of the state i.e Odisha which came into effect in the year 2011) has to be used while mentioning these two GI tags . Now we all know about the bitter- sweet battle between Odisha and the state of West Bengal regarding the origin of ‘Rasagola’ or ‘Rasgulla’. Please read my favourite chapter titled Odisha Rasagola to explore the reality yourself!! Have you heard of the interconnection about Lord Jagannath, Puri Rathyatra , Goddess Laxmi and ‘Rasagola’? I am sure many of my readers are clueless about it. Well,this book will erase all your doubts and make things more transparent. The Author has personally participated in many GI exhibitions and takes pride in representing the vibrant, intriguing, mystical , spiritual land of Odisha. I want to strongly recommend that this particular book must be made a part of the school curriculum where in children from a young age understand their own state in a broader perspective and take pride in the fact that they belong to the land of rich culture . There is need to first acknowledge, mass publish and distribute this book by the state administration so as to spread the truth about the unique products of geographical significance.
  • What I missed? This is a difficult part for me . There have been many suitable pictures in the book which are very apt . However, I think usage of HD (high definition) quality could have been used to elevate the atheistic sense of the book a little more.
  • So,  I urge my readers to not miss the chance of grabbing this free E book available for a limited time. Download by clicking below link:
  • link:
  • My interview with the Multi Faceted Author :


  • Picture: The author with the GI logo
  • Q. Please introduce yourself.
    A.I am Dr. Anita Sabat, an independent researcher, social entrepreneur, author, and blogger based in Bhubaneswar. I have done my PGDMM, MPA, MPhil & PhD. I am the Founder and Managing Trustee of “Odita Trust”, a registered Trust, and the Director of “Sabat Exports Pvt. Ltd.”, a handlooms startup. I am working to promote Odisha and to represent community interests & social causes of Odisha and Bharata.
  • Q.Please tell us how you started writing or what made you think that you can pursue writing.
    A.I have always believed in the power of words and have been writing from long. My first story was published in Tinkle magazine when I was eleven years old. Thereafter, many of my stories, articles and poems have been published in leading magazines, newspapers and online portals viz. Filmfare, Femina, The Sunday Observer, Poets International etc. I started my blog in 2012.
  • Q.How has been your writing journey so far?
    A .My writing journey has been immensely gratifying as writing gives expression to my creativity, imagination and passion. It has earned me awards, recognition, and appreciation.These posts have more info-
    Some Awards & Accolades
    Life Before & With IndiBlogger
    Perks of Being A Blogger
  • Q.How do you keep yourself motivated to create and deliver?
    A.I carry on with optimism and hope by keeping my enthusiasm and sense of purpose alive.
  • Q.What has been the inspiration to write the current book & what are your expectations from it?
    A.My book “Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha” gives an overview about GIs and introduces Odisha’s 17 registered GI products, including ‘Odisha Rasagola’.Geographical Indications (GIs) are “the invaluable treasures of incredible India”. However, many are unaware of these unique products. It’s an endeavour to create awareness and to encourage readers to know, use GIs and our heritage, culture, weavers, artisans and farmers.
  • Q.Who do you think are your target audience and what can readers expect from your book?
  • A.Readers from around the world can be introduced to our invaluable treasures, learn about the GI products of Odisha and India, and take the first steps to use, promote and support our unique local products and producer groups
  • Q.Please share your favorite part of the book that you enjoyed penning down. You may also share any experience that you came across while penning down the book.
    A.This book is very special to me as I have been working for, advocating, and representing the GIs of Odisha offline, online, and in exhibitions. I especially like the ‘Odisha Rasagola’ GI tag chapter and final recommendations about the GI Way Ahead.
  • Q.How do you envision your writing journey in future?
    A.I want to write and publish more and spread awareness and initiate action.
  • Q.Name your favorite authors/poets. Please share any favorite excerpt from your favorite book.
    A.Some of my favourite writers- Ved Vyas, Valmiki, Vishnu Sharma, Kalidasa, Kautilya & Gopala Chandra Praharaj.This is a small list of some writers whose works have been awe-inspiring and have survived the test of time.Every line of the Bhagabad Gita is a lesson. Here’s one-
    “You have control over doing your respective duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be your motive; you should never be inactive.”
  • Q.What is one strong philosophy that you live by?
    A.Not one, I have a couple of them-
    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi
    “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney
    “Never give up.”
  • Q.Failure is inevitable in life. Have you ever faced it? If yes, how did you overcome it? What has been your learning lesson that you can share with us?
    A.I have faced failures many times. I keep trying till I win. Many times my writings have been rejected, but, still I just keep sending with indomitable faith!
    Learning Lesson- Failures are followed by success.
    My Tinkle Story through My Letter To Uncle Pai.
  • Q.How has recent pandemic affected your thought process and what is one message that you would want to advocate during these stressful times?
    A.Life is short and unpredictable. Every moment is precious and we need to make the most of our time. Coronavirus (Covid-19 Pandemic) Too Shall Pass.
  • Q.What needs to be done to inculcate the habit of reading and writing among today’s young generation?
    A.“Charity begins at home”. “Strike when the iron is hot”. Parents, teachers and elders must themselves read and write, generate interest, and set examples to the impressionable minds.The younger generation will learn by observation and pick up the good habits. Reading and writing must be made fun and relevant for the youth. Book-reading, writing, discussion, quizzes, networking events etc. can be rewarding and enhance their experience.
  • Q.Please give your review links to your book so far.
  • Contact Information:
  • Website The Explorer of Miracleswww.anitaexplorer.comEmail ID- oditatrust(at)gmail(dot)comSocial media handles@anitaexplorer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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  1. Very comprehensive review for a very informative book that every one should read.

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  2. What an in-depth review… loved every bit of it as much as I loved Anita apa’s book

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  3. Excellent as always, the concept and thoughts behind and the effort to make it. Kudos to Anita Sabat. Loved it 👍😊

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  4. Anita says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful review, Chinmayee.
    So touched. Appreciate your attention to details & style.
    Now, I want to read my book again 🙂 🙂
    Your sincerity and hard-work shines. Thanks for all your effort.

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    1. Anita, as I have always said you are an inspiration and I love your energy and passion. This is the least that I could do. I am so happy that my efforts are being recognised by you. This book needs to go places!!


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