The days feel heavy with the burden of responsibilities,

The night seems free when you have met your deadlines,

That’s when the soul wants to go on a joy ride to explore all possibilities,

New friendships, bonds of love take form ending all hostilities,

The magical ambiance of the stage, the band performing elevates the spirit,

One wishes to reach the blur, a place between reality and fake ;

Escaping reality sometimes is crucial for one’s sake,

For the blur sometimes cleanses the dust and gives clarity,

Like the chaos can make many times sense and give sanity,

The world has paused, the life is at stake and uncertainty prevails,

We can do nothing about it and positive thinking is what helps,

We miss the mass gatherings, the rush hour chaos, the maddening crowd;

Probably living, in reality, is suffocating and creates doubts,

We all need a little fairy tale, a heroic saga or maybe false hopes,

In the moments of darkness, at least a blur vision of the path is what one seeks!

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