Book Review 1- Ultimate Book of Dining Etiquette and More…


As they say,”First things first !!”,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank  the entire team   of ‘Blogchatter Website’ for giving me the chance to not only write a book but also learn about book promotions and review books of fellow participants. This is indeed a great opportunity to connect with some of the great minds and learn from each other.

Today, I will be reviewing the book by Parul Kapoor Malhotra ,titled ‘Ultimate Book Of Dining Etiquette and more…’. 

Ever thought of organizing parties? I guess the answer is yes!  And I am sure we all become a little nervous while doing so. Be it a formal occasion or inviting friends and acquaintances over a cup of tea, the thought of becoming the perfect host crosses our minds and we have our own doubts.

Now we need not worry about it as this book answers all your queries regarding dinning etiquette and creating a perfect experience . So, let’s find out more about the book !!

  • Book Title-Ultimate Book Of Dining Etiquette and more…
  • Author’s Name – Parul Kapoor Malhotra
  • Published by– Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author–  Parul, born in New Delhi, has used her Masters in Business Administration to good use by always being surrounded by accounts.Amidst her work and family responsibilities, she learnt that her true love always was writing. An author, blogger and a speaker, she jots down all her experiences and learning either through her keyboard or her pen. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram and she blogs at The Trending Diary.
  • Title : The book title is self explanatory and gives a clear idea to the author about     what the book is all about.
  •  Narration–  The style of narration is descriptive and lucid. Use of appropriate pictures at the right places give an edge to the book.
  • Content of the book -The author has been brilliant in designing this book by using the right words to make her point resonate with the audience. The book is divided into two major parts. The first part is about dinning etiquettes and the second part is about recipes. The unique combination of bringing together these two aspects gives it a unique color . It encompasses the dinning experience in a wholesome manner. The well planned pictures of Table Settings used  in the first part make it easy to get into the mind of the author and follow instructions that can be inculcated in our daily lives. Care has been taken to bring into account both the formal and informal settings that are part of functions and discuss ways to manage them in an organised manner . I would like to give regards to the author for highlighting the deviations that we come across during planning a get-to together in the ‘Desi’  aka our own Indian style, which makes the book all the more relatable.  The recipes described in the second part of the book are elaborate and what surprises the readers is that, even the drinks which forms a crucial part of fine dinning have been precisely discussed unlike many common recipe books. Be it  the ‘Love- side romeo’ or ‘Radiant glory‘, the unique names of the drinks stir up a sense of intrigue in the minds of the readers for sure. The Main Course menu has also been well varied between starters, chats  and curries. My favorite recipe has been the ‘Kuppam Fish Masala‘, may be because I am a fish lover. But I am sure you can pick and choose your own items of your choice and surprise your family when you prepare them!
  • What  I missed?– I strongly feel, that it would have been best if a few desert items would have been also added to the list of the exciting recipes to make it all the more appealing.
  • Concluding Remarks: This is a very useful book for anyone who wants to  learn & offer a fine dinning experience to his/her guests. The author has put in a lot of effort to point out all the aspects of dinning ranging from bar etiquette to tea etiquette along with various recipes which, if followed can help in creating an indelible mark  while hosting a  party or a function.
  •  So, why wait?  Please go ahead and make this book yours !! You can grab your free copy, which is available for a limited time by clicking the below link-   

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  1. RPR says:

    I really liked the crux, and the theme of d book

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  2. Brian Hardin says:

    Great honest review! I agree, a few more dessert recipes make an entertaining book, and a dinner, a little more fun! Thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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