Book Review 2 – Dread by Aseem Rastogi

The next book, that I pick up from the BlogchatterEbook digital library is from the world of fiction!

How many times have we felt that life is not that simple as it seems? How  many times have we tried to question the very existence of our own life after an accident or unwanted adversity? How often have we contemplated to understand the intrinsic rules of nature and failed? I am sure…many times! This book is all about those experiences. Lets dive deeper to explore!

  • Book Title–   Dread
  • Author’s Name– Aseem Rastogi
  • Published by – Self  Published on Blogchatter platform during Blogchatter E book Carnival 2020
  • About the Author-Aseem spent his formative years in the Middle East and India. He is a passionate blogger, avid traveler and pens a variety of short fiction, from six word stories to hundred word stories.He is a published author with stories and essays published in anthologies like Down the Road, Memoirs of Dreamers and Minds @ Work.He has been blogging for more than a decade at Transition of Thoughts. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Title and Book Cover–  The title ‘Dread’  is very cleverly chosen by the author and presents before us a sense of anticipation and invites the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Even the book cover showcases an image of a lonely passage within thick woods  in monochrome which complements the title very well and adds to the trepidation quotient that the book wants to convey.
  • Content– The book is a collection of short stories which involves multiple situations that can leave one with  many questions and some unforgettable experiences. What is interesting is every story presents before us  very common, relatable events like taking a vacation, staying late in office or a simple flight journey that happen in our day to day lives  and still manages to bring out fascinating consequences .  The adrenaline rush that one gets while anticipating the end of each story is something that a reader can surely enjoy.  All the stories are narrated in a lucid manner and create a sense of thrill while one delves deeper. Be it the lovely couple i.e. Sam & Ginny or the engaging conversation of Ritesh & Rati ,  they successfully take the reader into their own worlds  and display how their lives become upside down after unforeseen incidents. My favorite has been ‘Flight or Fright?‘  which  kept me hooked till the end and the usage of flashbacks in the narration is quite noteworthy. Fear is a very strong emotion and the author has tried to explore various facets of this emotion, be it anticipation,anxiety , nervousness or a feeling of uneasiness. Anyone who wants to feel the thrill and  go down a path full of twists and how life changes in a fraction of second, this is the right book.
  • What I missed?   A little description about the  details of  physical appearance of the main characters , in my opinion, would have helped to visualize each tale in a better way.
  • Concluding Remarks-  This book makes the readers realize that life is unpredictable and tries to showcase the deeper seated  human emotions that surface only when faced with very challenging situations involving death, brutality or an uncanny encounter.
  • So why wait? The E-book ‘Dread’ is available for free download by clicking the link i.e.


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  1. riteshmisra says:

    Excellent review. all aspects succinctly summed up

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    1. Thanks a lot Ritesh Sir 🙏

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