Five Petals – Released on Blogchatter !

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Hello everyone,

25th May 2020 is a memorable day for me ! It transformed my journey from an amateur blogger to a published author !

Hence,I am here today to share this very good news with you all. As you all know that I have been blogging just recently . I am yet to explore many ways to write better and engage with my readers in a more interactive way.But, I am so glad today because I got the rare opportunity of getting published on a very famous platform i.e. on which is an online community of bloggers and social media enthusiasts. This is actually an honor for me to be able to come across so many talented writers with rich experience and get to learn from them.

The website hosts an annual E book Publishing Fest popularly known as the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. Year 2020 marks the fifth season of the same. Though I had a vague idea about the same , I somehow was not able to participate in the Carnival earlier. But this year, I had decided that no matter what I will engage in the activity.

So , I joined the bandwagon and voila, I am a published author of my debut E- Book titled ‘Five Petals‘. The team has been super helpful and I have been learning a lot about using social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for promoting the book. We had to create a promotional video which acted as a teaser for the book before the release date and to create excitement about each and every book.There were so many things that I missed out like planning the category or engaging actively with mentors before submitting my final draft simply because I did not know how to go about it. But the community has been so supportive of each other that I look forward to get any posts from them and engage with them. However ,I will be trying to rectify these if I am fortunate enough to participant[ate in the next season.

I was clueless about the whole thing but now that I have done my part , I feel relieved and a bit proud of myself. I am looking forward to understand how to go about the whole reviewing process where each of us are assigned books (books by fellow participants)by the platform and we have to give our suggestions of the same. All this is very new for me and I am loving every bit of it.

My E- Book will be available for free download for a limited period of time on the Blogchatter website. So, my fellow bibliophiles if you are getting bored due to the lock-down or wondering about ways to activate your creative vision, then I have a solution for you all! Put on your imagination hats,tighten your seat belts to drive into a whole new journey together with me.

I am super excited to share the link below to download the book .

Please click the link named Five petal E book and enjoy reading!!!

Do give your feedback as I will be looking forward for the same.

Five Petals E book

The below was the special designed template for each of the participants by the Blog chatter Team.

Waiting to hear from you!!

With love,


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  2. Have downloaded the book and reading it. Finding it interesting.

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