Marigolds- #Scenic Saturday



Marigolds are my favourite,

they are bright and bring up the spirit, 

exhibiting different shades of yellow,

sure to make our hearts a bit mellow.


When you are sad and stressed out,

 a glance at these will eliminate all your doubts,

as simple as they seem they teach us the most important lesson,

we can all be happy living a simple life without much tension.


Big or small they have the same function, 

providing rejuvenation to the viewers at every junction,

from buds they bloom into theirs beautiful selves,

inspiring us to rise from our ashes & recreate the purpose of our lives.



Hi Everyone!

Well the above photograph is of one of the gardens in my office. It was in Winter of 2019 that I had clicked this snap. It was a foggy morning but soon there was bright sunlight and I couldn’t fail to capture this shot where so many marigold flowers blossomed . I had a smile on my face and wondered that life is beautiful if only we have time to appreciate the small gifts that we come across daily.

Hope you all liked my attempt and enjoyed the poem.

 Thanks for reading,












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