5 Ways to get more creative…

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Hello Everyone !

So today is 21st April. It is celebrated as World Creativity & Innovation Day by the United Nations. It is not just about getting creative but the whole idea is to emphasize the importance of problem solving capabilities that each individual posses .

Many small businesses were a result of relentless pursuit of trying to create or innovate something new by the human race. It can be to earn money or to have a positive frame of mind.

I have tried to highlight 5 possible ways to keep the flame of creativity ignited in us. They are described below:

1- Have a Mind Frame: As they say, everything starts with the brain. yes, its true that to be creative we need to first understand that our mind should be ready and stress free for new and exciting ideas to get generated. So, basically we have to be aware that during our daily mundane lives we need to develop a mind set to let our creative juices flow.

2- Develop an idea: Next comes the crucial part where we need to have an idea to execute our mind image. We can easily picture something in our mind but to physically conceive it requires effort. It needs proper planning and hard work . For example while developing children’s books, it might seem easy at first but once we take a dip we understand that it is something very responsible thing to deliver. Influencing the young minds is a tough task and hence it has serious connotation.

3- Do thorough research:  To win your audience you need to have a thorough research and the right amount of home work needs to be done.

4-  Be persistent : Nothing can compare to hard work and consistency . So to be successful in one’s creative field one has to be continuously trying to bring out new contents.

5- Be prepared to face rejection: Getting rejected is something that we need to anticipate. Even the best of creative works have been rejected. But the key is to never give up. Only a positive attitude and never say die attitude can guarantee success.

So , let’s rekindle the fire of creativity in us and start doing something exciting.

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  1. Well put. There are definitely the 5. Research is something which I highly stress on to see the perspectives of the world.

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    1. Agree with you. Your posts are very informative. love reading them…happy researching 👍

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      1. Glad to hear that. Welcome and thank you. 🙂

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