Post Pandemic …

photo of a man sitting under the tree

Good Morning Everyone !

There comes a time in everyone’s life which changes them in some way or the other.   I am sure all of us , sooner or later come across such  kind of life changing experience in our lives. 

In the current scenario, during the uncertain times that we are going through world wide, all of us are going through such an experience at the same time. This is something unique and needs to be thought over.

Due to the lock-down situation in all most all parts of the world, every single person is seeing a kind of change that we had never witnessed before. We have come to believe that if, we do not take this sign seriously, we are sure to perish. The only way to sustain mankind going forward is to live in harmony with mother Nature.

Social media is flooded with how the world has changed with less pollution and  decreased human foot print.  The flora and fauna are thriving .  All this constant material that is being posted online should not be forgotten once we come out successfully , which I believe will happen for sure.

Let us pledge  that , in the post pandemic- world,we will try to change our lifestyle that is best suited for ourselves as well as future generations that are yet to come. 

 With Love,

Chinmayee ! 

#Pandemic #Coronavirus

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