Pause, Restart…

woman wearing black sweater and denim overalls standing under leaves

Hi  Beautiful People,

I have been away from blogging for a long time. It was due to many personal hassles that I am currently going through. But, I have resolved that I will be more regular in sharing my feelings and emotions with you all henceforth.

So, In the current scenario, we are all going  through worldwide pandemic situation in the entire world. The whole world  has as if come to a stand still. We in India are on Day 12 of the lock-down. The precious lives that are being lost daily are a cause of worldwide agony and pain. Families are going through tough times. But we have to keep hope and believe in the healing powers of the Mother Nature so that we evolve successfully from this disaster. One way of doing it is to think positive and do everything that makes us stress free and heal us in every possible way.

I have been coming across many sites that have been pressuring their followers or viewers to adopt a new hobby or learn a new skill . There is pressure to follow a routine. Does it seem right? The world is not in any vacation mode! It is in a war like situation and people are having tough times due to unprecedented circumstances. We do not know what the future is going to be. Even the world has halted , the economy has come to a standstill.  It is time for pause, to ponder and to restart with a new zeal to sustain ourselves in harmony with nature.

So it is OK, if these last two weeks were spent doing  absolutely nothing. After all we are all in this together. So lets Pause and Restart!


Lots of love,



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  1. Sunith says:

    Welcome back. You have got these beautiful posts with you.

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    1. Thank you so much!!

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