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Hello Everyone!

Greetings of the day.

We , as a human race have always wanted more . More of everything! More food, more material possessions, more opportunities etc. It really never ends. No doubt, this quest of achieving more has made us progress this far. Had we been satisfied with  collecting our food items, we would never have learnt about agriculture! The same example can be given in any other field.

In this never ending struggle to create more and more, we have forgotten what we actually need and that excess of everything turns out bad in some way or the other.  The need has given way to greed . The natural resources are depleting, the global temperature is on the rise, there is already a population explosion,etc. The result of  excessive human intervention is in front of us, but we deny to look at it, forget taking home the lesson.

Happiness is not bound by the quantity of things that we possess but the quality of lifestyle we own. Minimalism is the need of the hour. We have to understand that if our perspective towards how to live our life changes and we adapt to the signs of the nature, everything will fall into the right place eventually.

For this to happen, let us begin to be grateful for what we already have . Being grateful and thankful will certainly help us see that we are already blessed in so many ways. There might be so many people who dream to have the life that we are currently living.

So , lets be grateful in true sense and feel how beautiful life is with all its ups and downs.


With love,


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