Love… Is it?

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She sat down in the chair. Dressed in a shade of soothing pink kurta and a beige bottom, she looked calm and composed unlike her thoughts that were totally opposite. It was a sunny day. There lay a vacant chair beside her and she looked at it. A sea of emotions confronted her. She was lost in her own thoughts.

It seemed like it happened just yesterday. He was her college mate and from day one he had tried to woo her. She had never given any heed to his advancements. But eventually his constant interest in her made her feel that probably she had a chance to experience what true love is and she accepted his proposal. When she said yes, it was a lifetime commitment for her.

Love is always the best when it starts. So she never knew when five years passed away just like that. She gave it her all, gave it whatever she could, for love is unconditional she always thought!

“Thud”, there was a noise and she looked around only to find him sit down loudly on the next chair. She looked at his face. It seemed just like yesterday when they sat beside each other on the same bench in college.

He took the pen and signed as fast as he could. Now it was her turn to sigh the documents, yes the “divorce documents”! She held the pen, her hands froze, teary eyed she silently killed the love that she had nurtured for so long. By the time her sign was over, he stood up and was gone, just like that. She looked at the door way that he crossed, he was a stranger now. He was a no- one.

Her soul asked her” was there ever love between them? “

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  1. Dreamer ❤ says:

    This is so sad..
    I wonder how people can forget the one they used to love so much..

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    1. Thanks. Appreciate your interest in my post.

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