B for Brijmohan Pandey

Pic courtesy :Google

Brijmohan Pandey hails from Uttar Pradesh. Has an Ailing Father and he being the only child has to take care of him. He works for a software firm but he aspires to become an entrepreneur.
He accidentally meets Riya at a cafe and falls for her. Riya belongs to a group of con men who believe in looting the innocent & naive people for survival.She every day meets him and extracts money as a token of love. Being naive Pandey offers his all. He considers Riya to be his soul mate. Meanwhile his father passes away and he becomes lonely.

Eventually after few days she refrains from meeting him. Brij gets restless and starts to look for her only to discover her identity. He gets hurt but doesn’t say anything . Rather quits his job and surrenders himself to her and promises to join the group. The other men mock him and thrash him due to his moralistic view points . Riya finds it offensive somehow . She doesn’t even understand herself. She looses focus. It was not late when she understands that she has fallen for him. She being the main person in the group quits her habits.

Riya and Brij, as a team start a firm for adventure travel , which becomes a hit. Their lives change for good.

Innocence and good intentions win over the evildoers as always!

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  1. Do good and good things will happen to you – the underlying message of this beautiful story

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    1. Thanks Sonia.. That was exactly my msg through this simple narrative


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