A for Arpu Mausi!

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Arpita grew up with her Grand parents . Her father had a transferable job and hence to make her life less complicated due to  shifting of schools, she was made to live with her Grand parents. She was a bright kid and excelled in her studies. Being a very active student she was always close to her teachers & was known to be kind hearted . She did feel lonely sometimes and missed being with parents . But  her parents made up to this loss during the vacation.  Every vacation she would go to her parents and was pampered a lot. Being the only child , she was adored by every one in the family.

On one such vacation  during her sixth standard, she went to stay in one of the interior hinterlands where her father was posted as  Forest Ranger. It was a small hamlet with beautiful lush green environment. Just then  she saw a young boy come running when her Mom called  him out . The boy seemed to be around the age of Arpita and belonged to a poor family. Arpita was intrigued . She had never seen a child of such tender age help her mom with household chores. She observed keenly and saw how striking was her life as compared to Gopal’s.

After few days, she mustered courage and told her mom that she wanted Gopal to study like her. After a lot of negotiations , her parents could not deny her.  They took up the responsibility of Gopal who was actually an orphan in the village. Gopal was admitted in the same school, where Arpita studied. Arpita helped him in his studies and they grew together. They were like best friends and some how Arpita forgot what it was to be alone.  Time seem to fly so fast filled with laughter and joy for both the kids.

They were now in Class 12th and Arpita always wanted to be a Doctor.  She was the topper of the class and no one had an ounce of doubt that she wouldn’t. Gopal as usual followed her footsteps. So they both studies for their medical examination degree with all the zeal. The D day arrived and both of them did quite well in the entrance test. While returning back from the examination, Arpita met with an accident . Covered in blood she was transferred to the hospital where it was decided that her legs had to be amputated.

Eventually Gopal went on to study medical in a different city  and Arpita stayed back at her Grand parent’s place studying  Child Pscycology. She went back  being alone as Gopal got lost in his study assignments. Gopal stated receiving scholarships and was now almost non dependent on Arpita’s parents for his study allowance.  Arpita had developed a soft corner for him since they spent such a considerable time of their teen age together. Even Gopal always reciprocated her feelings.

But slowly Gopal lost touch with Arpita. he hardly got any time to talk to the parents of Arpita who made him what he was today. A sense of accomplishment developed in him and he thought he  did everything due to his talent and nothing else.

Eventually he fell in love with one of  his fellow colleagues and decided to get married.He became a big shot and rose to fame. One could never imagine that a poor boy from a small hamlet could do such wonders. Gopal seemed to have lost his humility with time and was known to be the costliest doctor in the town.

After few years he was blessed with a baby boy .But the baby seemed to have some problems in brain development. He had delayed speech and there was no coordination between his motor skills. Gopal consulted the best of the best doctors but all effort went in vein. The child slowly became a point of worry for the parents. His complex condition made him irritated & he threw tantrums every now and then . It became almost impossible to handle the unruly child whose medical condition deteriorated day by day. Just then Gopal’s wife heard about a Gurukul that is located in  a remote location and is known to cure patients with complex behavioral issues. They both like any parent left no stones  upturned and did everything to make their son get admitted in the said  Ashram.

The Ashram was located in a tranquil surrounding away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The fees were nominal but the rules were strict. The parents had to leave their issues for two straight years and  should only contact after the completion of the treatment. it was the toughest part for any parent to leave their child in an unknown land . but was there any option left? No!

So Gopal and his wife did as directed,. they came back to the city but their life had changed. Gopal’s wife gave up her practice & Gopal could not focus on his demanding  profession as well.  He slowed down in his  work and no longer was the most sought after Doctor.  They waited impatiently to meet their son.

At the end of two years  both Gopal  & his wife went to the Ashram to know about Krish, their only child. When he  was called upon a 9 year old cute boy appeared. Hair neatly combed, shirts tucked in . He came and did a Pranam to his parents. It was like he was a different avatar of the unruly Krish that was left in the Ashram two years back. Tears of joy, tears of pain  flew from the eyes of the parents as they could not believe the transformation. Gopal wanted to meet the principal of the Gurukul . He was laid into a big room by the staff.

There sat  a lady with her back towards the entrance , gazing through the open window. Gopal did not know how to react and fell down on his knees as a mark of gratitude. The lady turned and  there eyes met.  Time stood still.  Both of them froze.  It was Arpita in front of him. Gopal as if in  a fraction of second saw his entire life run across his mind. He fell short of words. He knew within that he had betrayed her but did not have courage to say anything. Arpita also  starred blankly at him .  Tears ran down her cheeks.Sometimes too much of emotion can only be expressed through eyes and  not words.

Gopal and his wife wanted to take their child back but he refused saying that  he loved his    Arpu  Mausi more than anything and will never leave her. He might visit his parents during holidays . The  child psychologists residing in the Gurukul also decided that too much of pressure at such a young age can be dangerous on Krish. So it was decided that Krish would stay at the boarding facilities and his parents can visit him occasionally.

Gopal and his wife , though happy returned to the town with the emptiness of not having a child. Arpita tai  continues to thrive at the Gurukul with her numerous kids whom she has given a new life with her unwavering attention and unconditional love.










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  1. What a beautiful and heart warming story. Glad that you decided to participate in A2Z

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  2. Sunith says:

    Beautiful story Chinmayee and thank you for the follow

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    1. Pleasure is all mine ☺️

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